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Software Engineer

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Job responsibilities will entail collaborating with team members, product owners and customers to develop applications to service the needs of movie studios, independent film distributors, production companies, and others in the entertainment field. Projects will include developing new applications, integrations to third-party systems, developing new features in existing applications, refactoring and re-architecting existing features and being a contributor of ideas within the organization.


Create, enhance and maintain areas of existing complex product as part of a team of developers.
Work at every layer of the stack: front-end, middle-tier, service layer and data layer.
Participate in SCRUM development process.
Potentially work with team to rewire parts of the existing ASP.NET system into Angular.



*Minimum of 6 years experience with ASP.NET and C# is required although retraining from other technologies and languages such as Java is available for talented individuals
*Minimum of 6 years experience working in front-end, middle-tier, back-end. Specifically, experience wiring databases to web front-ends using either an object-based middle-tier or RESTful APIs (both are required).
*Minimum six years experience working in a team environment, including use of source control, code reviews and CI/CD.

Skills and Knowledge

Experience with ASP.NET and C#.
Ability to wire up ASP.NET form to perform CRUD operations against a database.
Ability to call RESTful APIs.
Experience leading a team of developers desirable.
Experience with databases, database design and SQL server in particular.
General knowledge of accounting principles is helpful.
Experience with Git, EntityFramework, Kendo, OData, JQuery and/or Angular desirable.