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Software Engineer – Data

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We are hiring software engineers who are very enthusiastic about data to focus on building structured, high-quality data solutions which we use to evolve our products and bring better music and digital media experiences to our 100 million users and the global artist community alike. Spotify has a constantly evolving landscape of data infrastructure, which includes one of Europe’s largest Hadoop clusters, Google Cloud Platform, and data processing tools such as BigQuery, Dataflow, Scalding, Storm and Spark.

This is a generic advert describing the baseline of skills and experiences that we are looking for, but we are recruiting to multiple teams. Our process is open-ended in the sense that we will route you to different teams based on the findings in the recruitment process and your area of interest for the best match.

What you’ll do

  • Explore new ways of producing, processing, and analysing data in order to gain insights into both our users and our product features<span
  • Design, develop, and test data-driven products and features<span
  • Work with state-of-the-art data processing frameworks, technologies, and platforms<span
  • Improve data quality through testing, tooling and continuously evaluating performance<span
  • Work with other software engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and decision-makers, such as product owners, to build solutions and gain novel insights. <span
  • Act as the bridge between our backend and analysts and work on data cataloguing/management and build/maintain crucial data pipelines<span
  • Work in multi-functional agile teams with end-to-end responsibility for product development and delivery within your mission<span
  • Work from our awesome office in central Stockholm (Sweden)

Who you are

  • You don’t like leaving questions unanswered and you love exploring/understanding data<span
  • You care about agile software processes, data-driven development, reliability, and responsible experimentation<span
  • You are passionate about crafting clean code and have a steady foundation in coding and building data pipelines<span
  • You love visualising your data findings in a clear and easy to understand way and to capture corner cases of implementations<span
  • You are interested in being the glue between engineering and analysis