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Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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Amazon Web Services

Customers, regardless of size or use case, usually need help “putting the puzzle pieces together.” Your content will help prospective customers understand their software options, simplify complexity, and guide them to the best solution. The content you manage will enable marketing activities and web experiences not otherwise possible, making it an essential business driver.
This role will own all buyer-facing content strategy, editorial operations, execution, and reporting. “Content” here means buyer-facing content, in a variety of media and sizes, meant to generate leads, capture interest, nurture prospects, and generate inbound traffic. It’s impossible for one person to be technically proficient in all software categories offered on AWSMP, so this role is about acquiring/sourcing/curating/re-purposing content, not creating it yourself. Think, for example, whitepapers, blog posts, videos, infographics, cheat sheets, etc. – all produced by contractors, agencies, and AWSMP Sellers with whom you’ll cultivated relationships.
To succeed, you’ll map the right content to the right persona at the right funnel stage. You’ll foster a world class stable of agencies and contractors that create multimedia content at scale. You’ll setup processes to ensure content is produced on time, on brand, and on budget, and you’ll plan a 1-3 year strategy. You’ll garner data-driven insights, change course as needed, and report results. You won’t be directly responsible for marketing the content you produce, but you’ll closely advise those in marketing/BD who will bring it to market and depend on it for their activities. You’ll shape content based on the needs of key stakeholders, and they’ll shape their marketing and use of it based on your advice.

Ideal candidate
You’re an experienced content marketing professional who understands B2B digital marketing and content marketing. You have a strong intuition for content that will and won’t evoke the desired reaction. You understand how great content can be a key growth driver and to measure that growth. You know how to leverage data to inform editorial direction. You aren’t necessarily deeply technical, but you aren’t afraid of tech either.

You can talk content marketing fundamentals and funnel stage nurturing in your sleep. You know when to get hands-on and when to let subject matter experts take over. You aren’t a deep expert in all digital marketing per se, but you know enough about it that you let it guide your work. You’re a top notch communicator, verbally and in writing, whether the audience is prospects, peers, or CXOs/VPs internally.
AWSMP, as a “startup within a startup,” is growing at break neck speed. So you must be at home with ambiguity and making decisions with less than perfect visibility. Most of all, you enjoy creating standards and processes where none exist today, but are needed for tomorrow.

Roles & Responsibilities:
· Create a formal plan for content marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond, including processes, metrics, test & learn cadence, infrastructure, reporting, and a framework for prioritizing different persona + funnel stage content.
· Work with existing content assets, internal content resources, and 3rd party content creation resources to prioritize, define, and create the content you’ll need most to be successful.
· Short term, identify the “lowest hanging fruit” and quickly produce the content AWSMP needs the most. Diagnose and fix what isn’t working. Start onboarding the agencies and contractors. Longer term, create a 1-3 year strategy, solicit stakeholder feedback, and present your plan.
· Create a “Content Marketing Dashboard”” to guide daily optimization and a distilled exec dashboard to regularly show upper management.
· Work closely with digital marketing channel owners (email, site merchandising, PPC/SEO, etc.) to understand content needs, opportunities to improve existing content, and prioritize the work. When the status quo is outgrown or insufficient, make a compelling case to change it.
· Work with internal PMM, Category GTM, and AWS Marketing to identify the core messaging and develop the big-picture understanding you’ll need to ensure content resonates.
· Work with AWS Marketplace BI/analytics to understand current capabilities, tools, roadmap, and identify short-term “must haves” vs. long-term “nice to haves” that you’ll request.
· Stay in close contact with “central” AWS Marketing, particularly Global Field Marketing, so that you’ll understand what content exists already, dependencies, and overlaps.
· When opportunities arise to weave in AWSMP into content created/driven by other teams, advocate for its inclusion and craft the perfect solution.
· This position is based out of Seattle and paid relocation is available for the right candidate.


· 5+ years working in content creation and content marketing, from hands-on work to management work (including agency management).
· 5+ years in working directly or indirectly with key digital marketing channels. E.g., email (especially email automation), site merchandising, SEO/PPC, display/retargeting, and social media.
· Acuity with the strategy, tactics, metrics, and best practices for growing top funnel vs. middle/bottom funnel and the different role content plays at each stage.
· Proven record of working across multiple stakeholders, multiple departments, and multiple digital channel owners.
· Track record of responsibility for large content budgets and implementing the editorial processes, calendars, and metrics to manage/optimize them.
· Experience with a “test and learn” culture, especially as applied to content, being especially adept at learning what content works best through testing and iteration.
· Experience owning a content marketing dashboard, taking action based on it, and explaining takeaways (including corrective action) regularly to working teams and executives.
· College degree in a related discipline.
· Excellent communication skills, especially in writing.