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Sr DevOps Engineer

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Job Summary:
Teradata Labs is looking for DevOps Engineer to work on development, deployment and test automation. We are looking for candidates who are passionate about automating development and test systems, and love the challenge of working in highly distributed and virtual environments. In this role you will help design and optimize environments that enable fast paced development and deployments with a focus on optimization and automation. Along with a systemic discipline we are also looking for candidates who can approach DevOps in new and creative ways, and who are open and passionate about exploring new technologies to improve our overall environment and processes.

Key Responsibilities:
• Establish DevOps practices inside the Teradata’s Backup and Recovery (BAR) team.
• Help design and operate highly available software in large distributed and virtual environments
• Metric driven and focused on continual improvement
• Comfortable working with distributed teams
• Strong expertise in leveraging a wide variety of open source technologies
• Automation is in your DNA
• Continuous deployments

Required Skills and Experience:
• Strong code/scripting skills in Linux and/or Unix environment
• Extensive experience in open source/stack technologies
• Experience and knowledge of software development, deployment and testing methodologies
• Experience working in a Cloud/IaaS environment such as AWS, Rackspace, or Azure
• Experience working with Virtualization software such as VMWare and OpenStack
• Experience working with one or more Containerization tools such as Vagrant, Docker or LXC
• Experience using one or more Configuration Management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or SaltStack
• Experience working with one or more Test and Build systems such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven, or Ant
• Experience working with one or more Orchestration tools such as Zookeeper, Noah or Mesos
• Experience using Monitoring/Alerting tools such as New Relic, Nagios, Icinga, or Graphite


Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related field
• 8 years experience in software design & development