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VP, Creative Development (Screen Gems)

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Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Vice President of Creative Development will be responsible for identifying, developing, and overseeing live action feature films. This position will cultivate creative relationships with various industry players. They understand the best filmmakers to source and will secure new and upcoming materials.

They will read and review material (scripts, books, outlines, etc) and be able to negotiate with agents to purchase the rights.

They will bring together key players who will create a successful film.


·An ability to successfully search out new talent, and cultivate creative relationships with screenwriters, agents, directors, and actors

·An in-depth knowledge of the global market for films, and of changing audience tastes

·Ability to identify projects with artistic and commercial potential, and use their contacts and skills to transform the initial premise into a compelling screenplay

·Ability to read screenplays, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and prepare clear development notes to help screenwriters address these weaknesses without undermining the screenplay’s strengths

·An understanding of the needs of the production department, so that screenplays reach fruition at the most opportune moment, and so that the company is never left without good projects to package, finance and produce

·If necessary, they should also be able to identify where the development/production process has gone astray, and troubleshoot story difficulties/personality conflicts.

·Ability to package, pitch and convey the movie to various stakeholders


·Candidate must be experienced the full lifecycle of feature development with a 8+ years experience in the development capacity

·Must have experience in story structure with proven experience providing coverage and notes through the production lifecycle

·Must have experience shepherding concepts from inception through the development process and into production, including but not limited to identification of viable genres, selection of talent, writers and directors, evaluating casting choices, etc.

·Extensive network in entertainment industry ranging from agents, writers, directors with an understanding of key players in this space
The anticipated base salary for this position is $176,100 to $2