Language Metadata Table

The Language Metadata Table (LMT) standard was created to provide a unified source of reference for language codes for use throughout the media and entertainment industries.  LMT’s Working Group mission is:

  • To create a standardized table of language codes for implementation by entertainment and other industries using IETF BCP 47.
  • To facilitate efficient and consistent LMT usage through best practices.
  • To extend LMT code values through vetted field definitions and approved language code values with a community of thought leaders who focus on information and data from the business, professional associations and academic institutions through the exchange of knowledge and collaboration.

Conceived by HBO, MESA supports the LMT Working Group as one of its communities of practice.

Since LMT’s initial release, the Working Group, whose members include representation from HBO, Turner, Warner Bros, Disney, WWE, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Showtime, Lionsgate, Fox, among others, have reached agreement on:

  • Language terms, definitions, and examples
  • Template for adding new languages
  • Almost 200 language codes and display values – with more on the way

HBO encourages industry adoption of the IETF BCP 47 languages standard and, in the spirit of industry collaboration, granted MESA the rights to publish HBO’s work and continue the efforts LMT Working Committee.

If you are interested in participating in MESA’s LMT Working Group CLICK HERE to apply. Chaired by Yonah Levenson, Metadata Strategy and Terminology Governance at WarnerMedia, the group meets regularly to further the efforts of this initiative.
Next steps include:

  • Partnering with SMPTE to define and document the policies and procedures for adding new languages including validation services
  • Updating LMT 3.1 with additional languages
  • Partner with other standards organizations including EIDR, ISDCF, and MovieLabs to strengthen LMT and support adoption


LMT v3.2 – July 7, 2020:

Check back the week of Dec. 7th for updated LMT codes

LMT Policy and Practices

Excel Download

PDF Download

LMT Template

Smart Content Summit LA Presentation

Smart Content Summit East Presentation

NAB Show New York Presentation

Original LMT Press Release: August 7, 2018


For additional information, or to learn more, contact:

LMT Working Group Chairs
[email protected]

Mary Yurkovic, Director, MESA’s Smart Content Council [email protected]