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DAM Specialists Tout Offerings During Sept. 16 Take the DAM(n) Tour Event

On Sept. 16, 10 media management provider specialists shared their latest industry offerings during the second of two Take the DAM(n) Tour (TTDT) days held by the Media & Enter... More

Box CEO Touts Focus Areas to Drive Growth, New Platform Features at BoxWorks Digital

Box continues to see a large market opportunity and has set its eyes on several focus areas to drive growth, Aaron Levie, the company’s CEO, said Sept. 17, during an investor web... More

AI is Changing the Game for Sports Organisations

Sports teams have always been about entertainment, since their primary mandate – their very reason for existence, if you will – is to compete and win exciting games for their f... More

Free Streaming is Different, Better than People Think

Ya know, the SIP house arrest thing got real old, real fast. As with most people in Silicon Valley, we’re used to working from home, in a hotel room, on holiday; heck, even at th... More

Adobe Touts Premiere Pro and After Effects Enhancements

Adobe on Sept. 15  touted its latest Creative Cloud Video offerings, introducing enhancements for its Premiere Pro video editing software and After Effects digital visual effects ... More

M&E Journal: Using Machine Learning to Transform Creative Talent Management

There’s an old saying in business: Your biggest assets (people) leave in the elevator every night. That’s doubly true in the creative talent management business, where your... More

How WarnerMedia Video Teams Overcame COVID-19 Challenges

WarnerMedia Studios video teams worked together as a team to overcome COVID-19 pandemic challenges that included the need to quickly shift to remote work when the lockdown started ... More

Motivational Speaker Shares Networking Insights During WiTH Webinar

Motivational speaker, author and success coach Pat Roque opened a Sept. 11 presentation — hosted by Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) with a question that didn’t have an eas... More

Whip Media EVP to Talk Supply Chain Disruption Sept. 24

Demand for original programming is at an all-time high, subscribers are using more streaming platforms and devices than ever before, and traditional windowing strategies have gone,... More

HPA Webinar: MESA’s Finley Discusses Need to be ‘Nimble’ for Virtual Trade Shows

From the outset of the pandemic, it seemed like a constant fire drill for those involved with media and entertainment events, with everyone from NAB to IBC shifting their trade sho... More

SAP, Vistex Execs: M&E Companies Should Brace Themselves for More Disruption and Changes

The media and entertainment industry has been forced to re-evaluate and reimagine content supplies, consumer demand and production as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and compani... More

DAM Specialists Tout Offerings During Sept. 9 Take the DAM(n) Tour Event

On Sept. 9, 10 media management provider specialists shared their latest industry offerings during the first of two Take the DAM(n) Tour (TTDT) days being held by the Media & E... More