Video Games Have Replaced Music as the Most Important Aspect of Youth Culture (The Guardian)

The global video gaming industry took in an estimated $180bn in 2020 – more than sports and movies worldwide.... More

What TV Remotes Tell Us About Power Struggles in Streaming (Protocol)

TV remote controls are a major battlefield in the TV wars, which are fought one branded button at a time.... More

5 TV Trends Coming Out of CES 2021 (DT)

A look at where new TVs are now and where they will be headed in the future.... More

The Future is Digital – Right? (GamesIndustry)

The physical format faces headwinds, but will its demise be slower than we expect?... More

Sony, Best Buy Collaborate to Support the Future of Tech

Teens will continue getting hands-on experience with the latest tech—including sound and video production, digital photography and graphic design—at the Best Buy Teen Tech Cent... More

TiVo Renews Patent Deal With Xfinity X1 Licensee Cox Communications (Next TV)

Cable company pays for IP tied to its Contour TV OS.... More

CES 2021: Technicolor Marks 20 Million DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway Units Shipped

Technicolor used the opening day of CES 2021 to share it’s shipped more than 20 million DOCSIS 3.1 gateways to date, with 8.1 million of those coming in 2020. (more…)... More

ATSC 3.0 Receivers Near Commercial Debut (Light Reading)

2021 will be the year that will usher in the first wave of ATSC 3.0-capable receivers, devices that should expand consumer adoption of the new standard as US broadcasters light up ... More

NPD: Installed TV Base Getting Bigger, Newer (Twice)

Report shows TV sales up 19% in 2020, compared to same period in 2019.... More

Sony Electronics Unveils World’s First TVs With Cognitive Processors

Innovative new processor mimics human brain to deliver a never-before-seen immersive viewing experience. (more…)... More

Gracenote Offers New Live Sports Solution for Smart TV, Auto Platforms

Gracenote, the content services arm of Nielsen Media, has debuted a new turnkey solution geared toward consumer electronics and auto manufacturers, allowing them to offer new live ... More

Sony Introduces Two New ‘Crystal LED’ Modular Direct View Display Systems

Sony Electronics has unveiled the latest innovation in premium direct view LED – the modular Crystal LED C-series (ZRD-C12A/C15A) with high contrast and B-series (ZRD-B12A/B15A) ... More

Apple Users Spent $1.8B on Apps in Last Week of 2020 (Bloomberg)

Apple said that most of the spending between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve went to games.... More

Technicolor Teams With RealVNC on Remote Support for Android TV Customers

Technicolor Connected Home and software company RealVNC entered into a joint initiative to enhance the ability of network service providers (NSPs) to improve remote customer care ... More

Samba TV Partners With TiVo to Expand ACR Footprint (DTE)

Samba TV has announced a partnership with TiVo that will broaden the reach and representation of its dataset across millions of households across the world.... More

Adobe Releases Lightroom for Apple M1, Windows ARM Devices (Engadget)

A new version of the photo-editing suite for the latest Mac laptops and more.... More

Game Consoles May Haul in $45B This Year, and Big Changes are Coming (CNBC)

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are investing more heavily in software, subscriptions and content. Cloud gaming, Big Tech and consolidation are set to drive more change in the industr... More

Sony Expands Laser Projector Lineup

Sony Electronics’ newest WUXGA laser projectors, the VPL-PHZ60 (6,000lm) and VPL-PHZ50 (5,000lm), combine image quality with flexibility and reliability. (more…)... More

CTA: 86% of Shoppers Plan to Buy Tech Gifts During Black Friday Week (Twice)

CTA projects overall tech spending on products and services will reach $135 billion in U.S. revenue, up 10% in 2020.... More

Sony Launches Airpeak Drone Business to Support ‘Video Creators’ (Engadget)

The company will share more details in spring 2021.... More

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