5 Ways That Audio Will be Transformed by Technology (AdAge)

The future of audio is innovation that delivers content and brand messages in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago, expanding audio’s frontiers in the process.... More

Luminate: Super Bowl, Super Fans and Super Streams

If we look at NFL fans more broadly, we can gain even more insights into their music and entertainment habits.... More

Luminate: Music Goes to the Movies!

Earlier this month Luminate published the 2023 Year End Music Report – an in depth analysis of the most impactful music trends of 2023. One of the trends mentioned in the report ... More

Sony Renames Music Building After John Williams as Hollywood Legends Turn Out to Pay Tribute (THR)

Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Sony executives Tony Vinciquerra and Tom Rothman spoke ahead of the 91-year-old, who said he first visited the building in 1940.... More

DTS Grows Its Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater Ecosystem (Twice)

Over the past year, DTS has made major progress in adding new partners to its Play-Fi ecosystem, allowing consumers more ways to access the content they want from major music platf... More

Key Code Media Expands Pro Audio Presence (MIX)

Primarily known for its work in post-production and broadcast circles, systems integrator Key Code Media is expanding its pro-audio division with a pair of new hires and a slew of ... More

Luminate: Global Streaming Volumes hit 7.1T in 2023 (MusicWeek)

The global total of on-demand song streams (audio and video) was 7.1 trillion (up 33.7% year on year), while global on-demand audio song streams broke the four trillion mark for th... More

Global Music Streams Grew by 33.7% to 7.1T in 2023 (Music Ally)

Yes, that’s 7. 1 trillion music streams last year across the world. The stat comes from research firm Luminate’s 2023 Year-End Music Report. The 7.1tn streams were across audio... More

Meet the Man Behind VITAC’s Growing Audio Description Department (VITAC Blog)

Adrian Fox has recently been promoted to Director of Operations at VITAC. It’s a role that will see him take the lead across a variety of areas, including transcription, media, a... More

An In-Depth Musical Experience with the Dolby Atmos System (TechRadar)

The balance between acoustic and electronic instruments and vocals, paired with a responsive sound projection, added substance and texture to my listening experience, thanks to the... More

When Does ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ Actually Start? (Luminate)

As temperatures cool and calendar pages turn, many define this period as simply “the most wonderful time of year.” However, is it possible to use music streaming behavior to re... More

Luminate: What are Millennials Looking For This Record Store Day?

With Black Friday this week kicking off the home-stretch of the 2024 gift-buying season, it’s an important time to remember the music Super Fans in your life.... More

Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision Brought to Warner Bros. Theater at the National Museum of American History

A special ceremony and ribbon cutting marked the new Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision installation in the Warner Bros. Theater at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Histor... More

How Gibson Makes Beautiful Music with High Tech and Strategy (SAP Blog)

Technology helps Gibson understand what each fan wants, what makes an individual’s journey unique, and how fans interact with the brand, according to Ehren. And fan journeys can ... More

Dolby, Ed Sheeran Celebrate Dolby Atmos Music in New ‘Love More’ Global Brand Campaign

In this first installment of the “Love More in Dolby" campaign, Sheeran stars in a short concert vignette exploring his latest hit “Magical” from Autumn Variations, his seven... More

The Auto (R)Evolution Will be Televised (Xperi Blog)

As we developed a platform with the kind of entertainment that one day could, indeed, evolve to capture the total attention of occupants of a self-driving car, a priority for today... More

New RIT, Dolby Institute Partnership Enhances Experiential Learning with Audiovisual Technologies

The partnership will deepen the connection between Rochester Institute of Technology and Dolby, provide more training for faculty on the latest software and technology, and form a ... More

Nielsen: How Network Radio Delivers a Bigger Bang for Advertisers (Inside Radio)

As national advertisers and agencies map out their 2024 media plans, Nielsen presented a deep dive on network radio for its clients on the buy and sell sides Wednesday. Using the m... More

The Global Value of Music Exploded Upwards in 2022 (RouteNote)

The global value of music copyright leaped up by 14% in 2022, over $5 billion in monetary gains showing powerful growth for the industry.... More

The Beatles’ Final Song is Now Streaming Thanks to AI (The Verge)

Machine learning helped Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turn an old John Lennon demo into what’s likely the band’s last collaborative effort.... More

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