Podcasting Plots to Retain New Listeners Post-Pandemic (MC)

The business of podcasting seems to have proven immune to the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The industry has seen an increase in listenership, according to a new re... More

MEGOGO Selects ContentArmor to Strengthen Protection Against Online Piracy of PVOD Service

MEGOGO, the largest media service in Eastern Europe for streaming videos, audio and TV channels online and ContentArmor, a leading forensic watermarking vendor, announced that they... More

Netflix Ups the Ante with Latest Deals (Next TV)

Sony and ‘Knives Out’ pacts may encourage smaller companies to take a hard look at their hands and decide if they truly can afford to stay in what's become a very expensive pok... More

Foreign Markets Become ‘Next Big Battleground’ as Streamers Bet Big on Global Growth (THR)

Following Netflix's lead, Disney+, HBO Max and others are investing heavily in international series, heating up the global market in "a real arms race." And for creatives around th... More

How 24-Hour Streaming Brought Media Full-Circle (Forbes)

With each exciting new development in media evolution, it seems as though we’ve finally reached the end of all that is possible. What could be next? The next level is going to lo... More

U.S. Streaming Subs Surpass Population Total (RTN)

In a stark indication of just how strong the industry is right now after a year of remarkable growth, a study from Ampere Analysis has revealed that there are now more subscription... More

Consumers Lean Towards Classic Comedy Shows Amid Pandemic (Senal News)

A total of 1.3 trillion minutes of comedy programming were consumed across the US through both, streaming platforms and local/national TV, including the 234 million minutes worth o... More

Netflix Strikes Deal for Streaming Rights to Sony Films (CNBC)

As part of this partnership, Sony will offer Netflix a first look at any films it plans on taking directly to streaming or decides to later license to streaming.... More

Film Festival Flix Hosts New Virtual Documentary Series

In "Digging for Weldon Irvine," the first virtual screening of the BLK Docs series on Film Festival Flix, award-winning director Victorious De Costa explores Irvine's deep influenc... More

Are the Major Streaming Services Finally Running Out of New Shows? (Next TV)

After a pandemic year in which the production pipeline has slowed—and at times, halted—anecdotal evidence suggests that the long-anticipated content drought has indeed arrived.... More

Sony Launches Bravia Core Streaming Service (BTN)

Bravia Core has been created with Sony Pictures Entertainment and is being pre-installed on the latest Bravia XR TVs. The new line features Sony’s Pure Stream technology, achievi... More

More Than a Quarter of U.S. Streaming Subscriptions are Used by More Than One Household (DTE)

According to new estimates, 82% of households in the country have at least one streaming video service from the top 11 DTC and SVOD services, with 51% having three or more subscrip... More

Streaming Wars Send TV News Outlets Searching for New Screens (Variety)

As more of their audiences choose streaming video to watch their favorite movies, dramas and comedies on demand, news and sports are among the few sure ways TV has to keep assembli... More

Report: 88M Streaming Accounts Being Shared (TV Tech)

Streamers missing out on more than $4 billion in subscription fees.... More

Forecast: 1.25B Streaming Subscribers by 2024 (Observer)

The crowded SVOD field has only expedited the exodus away from pay-TV rather than cannibalise one another.... More

OTT Advertising to Double by 2025 (TV Tech)

Panel discussion highlights the importance of OTT reach and potential challenges.... More

Average Monthly OTT Service Spending Doubles From 2018 to 2020 (Señal News)

The average spending rate for the viewing services has risen from approximately $8 in 2018 to $16 in 2020. 45% of a traditional pay-TV report are likely to switch to a virtual mult... More

What Does the ‘Protecting Lawful Streaming Act’ Mean for Rights Holders, Service Providers? (IE Blog)

The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act was recently signed into law. What is it, why is it important for the video industry and how can rights holders benefit? Synamedia's Senior Anti... More

From Podcasts to Clubhouse, Audio is Filling More of Our Time (WaPo)

With the fall in in-person interactions and blurrier lines among work, home and alone time, record numbers of people have turned to non- music audio content during the past year.... More

Study: Americans Plan to Spend More Time Streaming (AT)

A study from Verizon on how Americans have adapted to life one year into the pandemic, and what they think it will look like a year in the future, suggests permanent lifestyle chan... More

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