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MESA Membership Benefits:

Community and/or initiative activities:

  • Logo on all MESA and community web pages
  • Community Technology Committee eligibility
  • Eligible for tours at NAB and IBC


  • One complimentary admissions to all community event(s)
  • Discounts on additional event registrations
  • Single-level upgrade on all event sponsorship packages


  • Company branding on M&E Daily and community newsletter
  • Unlimited use of Global Virtual Event E-Calendar Listings
  • Unlimited use of Job Board Listings
  • Unlimited press release newsletter postings
  • Unlimited news posts in NAB and IBC show blogs
  • Authored article in one edition of MESA’s M&E Journal (1200-1500 words)
  • Full-page, color ad in one edition of MESA’s M&E Journal
  • Banner ad rotation on all newsletters and websites

Annual Dues for Single Community: $7,500


Dues for Additional Community: $5,000 each

  • Benefits mirrored across each community

Community and/or initiative activities:

  • Increased collaboration across multiple committees
  • Appropriate synergies across Boards and initiative
  • Transparency on focus and group(s) activities
  • Ability to develop according to need

Event & Media Properties:

  • Separate categories for focused, vertical engagement
  • Symbiotic relationship between community audiences

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