New Storage Trends Promise to Help Enterprises Handle a Data Avalanche (IW)

Data, data everywhere, but where to put it all? Here's a rundown of five current and potential fast and high-capacity storage approaches.... More

Top 10 Ways Cybercrooks are Targeting Your Data in 2021 (Forbes)

Digital transformation isn’t just for the legitimate IT world. Just as corporations and government agencies are constantly evolving their IT infrastructure to embrace the newest ... More

The New Hero of Data Science: The CIO (Forbes)

Two tectonic forces in enterprise infrastructure are on a high-speed collision course: the rise of data science and ML, and increasingly complex security threats. The convergence o... More

AI Can Help Companies Tap New Sources of Data for Analytics (HBR)

Improvements in technology have dramatically changed what enterprise analytics can do, but predictive and descriptive analytics still require time, expertise, and heaps of data, an... More

Turning Fan Data Into Hits (Billboard)

Analytics from streaming services and the major label groups are increasingly able to deliver numbers-backed answers to questions that once required gut calls.... More

6 Characteristics of Agile Digital Infrastructure (Interconnections)

How software-defined and virtual networks enable digital leaders to cope with unprecedented change.... More

Salesforce Updates Sales Cloud for More Digital, Data-Driven Sales (ZDNet)

New capabilities include Pipeline Inspection for tracking week-by-week Pipeline changes, as well as the full integration of Trailhead to help onboard new sales reps.... More

Gartner: Data, Analytics to Become ‘Core Business Function’ in 2021 (CIO Dive)

Throughout 2021, companies will see data and analytics as a shared business asset connected to business results, according to the report.... More

Why Data is the New Oil for the Sports Marketing Industry (SportsPro)

The global sports industry has finally awoken to the reality that it is sitting on a vast well of unused and unrefined data. That is, the dynamic information about their most impor... More

Retail Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Customer Data (Security Intelligence)

Because of the importance of customer data, retailers must proactively and properly secure all types of customer data.... More

Why CIOs Have a Big Stake in Data Success (Forbes)

As the Chief Data Officer role has evolved and greater focus has been placed on activities and initiatives that support business growth and measurable business outcomes, many organ... More

Why External Data Should be Part of Your Data Strategy (MIT Sloan)

Incorporating external, or third-party, data is an important part of data analytics programs as companies look for strategic insight from outside their firms.... More

OTT Video Service hayu Taps AWS for Personalization, Data Analysis

The business benefits are significant, as hayu has boosted the performance, viewer retention, and subscription revenue of its service by deploying virtualized media processing tool... More

What’s Your Data Really Worth? (Forbes)

The opportunity to capitalize on the significant business value of data is growing. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality — they’re all generating va... More

Equinix Opens Hyperscale Sites in Tokyo, Paris, London, Details Plans for Five More (DCD)

The colocation and interconnection company’s expansion, financed with support from joint venture partners, is dedicated to providing large-scale facilities for hyperscale custome... More

How Personalized Data Helps CMOs Drive Marketing (360 Blog)

Less than a third of global marketing leaders were satisfied with their ability to measure ROI last year. How is 2021 flipping the script?... More

PGA TOUR Selects AWS as Official Cloud Provider

AWS and the TOUR are partnering to transform the way golf content is created, distributed, and experienced, bringing fans closer to the action on the course while also helping the ... More

Pioneers of the Data Age (Forbes)

The pressures and potentials of this new reality are redefining competitive landscapes, increasing customer expectations, and catalyzing innovative disruption at an unprecedented p... More

Microsoft Debuts AI-Based Semantic Search on Azure (Datanami)

The new semantic search framework builds on Microsoft’s AI at Scale effort that addresses machine learning models and the infrastructure required to develop new AI applications. ... More

Language is Data ( Blog)

Many of the most passionate and celebrated researchers in machine learning are coming around to the need for a more commonsense approach centered around a combination of AI techniq... More

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