M&E Journal: Virtual Creative Economies: Blockchain NFTs and the Future of Digital Media

Over the past few months, blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have rapidly moved from its incubation period within the community of crypto artists and developers into one of the ... More

How AI Can Be Used to Help M&E Companies Gain Audience Insights

Media and entertainment companies have a unique opportunity to analyze changes that have taken place in viewing behavior, sentiment and the associated implications on programming c... More

Meta CEO: How to ‘Turbocharge’ EIDR Workflows

The Meta Data Systems EIDR matching and registration module is effectively “turbocharging” the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) workflows of some of the world’s largest studi... More

How MicroStrategy Helped ABC Unlock the Power of Real-Time Data

Real-time data analytics are empowering on-air news decision-making, according to Jim Whelehan, senior account executive, M&E at MicroStrategy. Speaking during the Security ... More

HITS Spring: Genpact M&E Head Examines Remote Work Sustainability

M&E companies transformed on the fly this last year, by responding to both the industry shift for consumers and the content workforce, with more at-home content consumption by the ... More

The Impact of Machine Learning

I talk to many executives about technology, and there is one term that is at the top of everyone's list: machine learning (sometimes ML for short). There’s a good reason for t... More

Howie Mandel Brings Bobby Back at May 12 HITS Spring

Actor, comedian and producer Howie Mandel will take the stage May 12 at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event to introduce new technology that reim... More

Zendesk Details Customer Engagement Trends at May 12 HITS Spring

On May 12 at the annual Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event, Joe Jorczak, enterprise account executive and industry lead for Zendesk, will broach a c... More

How FlickShow Makes it Easier to Register Content on Universal AV Databases

EIDR universal IDs are becoming mandatory for some content buyers before they agree to purchase a movie or TV show, and they will often use the various universal audiovisual databa... More

EIDR and DDEX Tout the Benefits of Venue ID

The movie, TV and music industries all need to identify venues where content is created and where content is used. To help achieve that for the music industry, EIDR has teamed up w... More

Title Registrar: New APIs Make EIDR Integration Much Easier

EIDR enterprise integration has, until now, required significant preparation and investment by organizations but the new JSON-based application programming interfaces (APIs) from E... More

BB-Media CEO Touts Metadata Benefits at EIDR Annual Participant Meeting

Finding something to watch used to be pretty simple. A limited number of channels, a limited number of shows (all airing at predetermined times) and simple, hand-held paper guides ... More

Adobe: AI, Machine Learning Can Enrich Your Content

Metadata is a crucial component of media and entertainment companies’ content strategies but it is a component that all too often relies on manual intervention from content creat... More

Adoption Across Platforms, Ubiquitous Coverage Headline April 13 EIDR APM

At the April 13 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting speakers and attendees will discuss adoption of EIDR across enterprises and streaming platforms, and learn about EIDR’s progress t... More

Common Sense Media Talks Family Content IDs at April 13 EIDR APM

Since 2003, Common Sense Media has been the go-to organization for entertainment and technology recommendations for families, with independent, age-based ratings and reviews that p... More

Digital Nirvana: AI, Machine Learning are Revolutionising Media Creation, Distribution

Cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are bringing new levels of accuracy, efficiency, compliance and cost savings to broadcast operations, according t... More

Spherex: Making Content Culturally Intelligent

Santa Clara, California-based data and technology firm Spherex recently debuted a new solution for media and entertainment companies that tackles one of the industry’s biggest pr... More

Smart Content Keynoter Offers Data Path for Ultimate OTT Consumer Experience

Xavier Kochhar has been an investment banker, a Hollywood agent, a studio executive, a founder of tech firms and a data specialist for a streaming company. But it was the Video Gen... More

M&E Journal: A New Crossroad of Art and Science

As market and channel management becomes more and more complicated, there are now ways to analyze and solve some of these complexities via the convergence of the fields of rights m... More

Put Your Data Into Action at March 16 Smart Content Summit

Everything from big data to blockchain, artificial intelligence to machine learning, and metadata to automation will be on the agenda at the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, th... More

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