Friend MTS Debuts Latest Watermarking Solutions

Content protection services firm Friend MTS has launched the fourth generation of its Advanced Subscriber Identification (ASiD) subscriber-level watermarking suite solutions, cover... More

DAM: What it is and Why You Need it (5th Kind Blog)

As your company’s digital assets proliferate, they become harder and harder to keep track of. In our remote and global working environments, DAM is no longer just a business tool... More

Why the Best Commerce Experiences Begin With Good Data Management (Forbes)

When it comes to the survival of a medium-sized business, the customer experience holds tremendous power. The overall way a customer feels at the end of their interaction, transact... More

AI Generated Music: Who Gets the Royalties? (Vistex Blog)

Is feeding AI copyrighted music to create new music deemed legal under the current copyright law?... More

The Pandemic Has Not Changed Consumer Demand for New Experiences, Lust Accelerated it (SportsPro)

Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, Nagra's senior director of product marketing, on why rights holders need to look closely at how they are able to augment their media offer to consumers.... More

Salesforce Debuts Digital 360 to Personalize the Customer Experience

Salesforce announced Digital 360, bringing together key components and new innovations in the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to help digital leaders transform their customer enga... More

How to Reopen, Rethink, Reinvent Using Experience Management (Forbes)

While there’s no sure blueprint for this environment, one thing is certain: everyone needs to work differently. Organizations will need to constantly adjust how they interact wit... More

Your DAM is a Cool Place – Bring It to Everyone (Adobe Blog)

A successful content strategy focuses not only content, but also on the people who need to use that content. Ensure your DAM gets content to those who need it, when they need it mo... More

Coronavirus: How to Protect Artists in Virtual Content Boom (LA Times)

Even before pandemic pushed our lives online, our digital moment was crying out for a new, more streamlined, simplified approach to managing this copyright can of worms.... More

Protecting OTT Services: Why Multi-DRM is No Longer Enough (Videonet)

Whether you’re a D2C operator or a traditional Pay TV provider looking to launch your own OTT service, there is one very important question you need to be asking – how can I en... More

5 Ways Customer Experience Management Can Improve e-Commerce (Forbes)

There’s often an astounding disparity between how brands think their customers feel about their products and services and how customers actually feel. Your operational data, such... More

4 CX Challenges Facing B2B Marketers (CMO)

B2B marketers have long been focused on what they’re trying to sell—often at the expense of their customers' actual needs. However, that approach is anything but sustainable wi... More

Why Digital Asset Management is Fundamental to Brand Experience (Digitalist)

Brand experience: It’s a glamour profession. Imagine those creative types in their artsy milieu, crafting sharp new logos, shooting TV ads, and writing zippy headlines. But behin... More

Microsoft Adds Single Sign-On Access for All Azure Active Directory Users (Redmond)

Microsoft offered an overview of its recent Azure Active Directory release milestones, including free single sign-on access for all of its online services subscribers. SSO is a fac... More

Hold the DAM (CIO)

Digital assets are only as valuable as the content they represent, which can be easily codified, searched and analyzed. The foundation all this harkens back to the data. While some... More

NAGRA, Avid Enable Seamless Deployment of Forensic Watermarking Into Editing, Collaboration Workflows (SCN)

NAGRA announced the launch of a new forensic watermarking plug-in for editing and collaboration workflows on Avid's Media Composer video editing software. The NexGuard Plug-in for ... More

How Technicolor is Managing, Maintaining the Supply Chain in the COVID-19 Crisis (LightReading)

For Technicolor, supply chain lessons from the recent past have helped the company brace for and respond to the current crisis being driven by the new coronavirus. Technicolor, a k... More

Digital Nirvana Releases MonitorIQ 7.0 (TV Technology)

Digital Nirvana has announced the release of the seventh generation of its MonitorIQ broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform. MonitorIQ 7.0 includes an updated, intuit... More

SAP, Goldman Sachs Innovate to Offer Global Payments on Ariba Network (SCN)

SAP and Goldman Sachs have joined forces to make it easier for companies to do business with the millions of suppliers worldwide on Ariba Network, where more than $3.2 trillion in ... More

Copyrights in the Era of AI (Adobe Blog)

In many cases, the data required for AI systems often includes copyrighted content. This process—usually referred to as “machine learning”— raises a fundamental intellectua... More

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