How Major Studios Handle Media Production, Management (5th Kind Blog)

While no two production workflows look the same, major studios do have elements of their production workflows in common that helps them reach the notoriety and revenue streams they... More

Media Asset Management: Examples and DAM’s Potential (5th Kind Blog)

In the media and entertainment industry, there are so many behind-the-scenes processes required for each production, sometimes we take many of them for granted. One that constantly... More

EZDRM Honored For Leadership In DRM, Content Protection Category

EZDRM was recognized as the 2022 Readers' Choice Award winner for their continued leadership in the critical DRM and content protection category at the recent Streaming Media West ... More

Why Personalized Experiences Need a DAM at the Core (CMS Wire)

DAM is a big part of the martech conversation right now. And with good reason.... More

Digital Media Supply Chain: Why Base Hits Win Over Home Runs (Vubiquity Insights)

Over the years, numerous long-standing media businesses have struggled with both technological change and new business models, largely due to fear of losing control of their own de... More

How a DAM Streamlines Your Virtual Production Asset Management (5th Kind Blog)

The film industry has created a breath-taking world of content creation that uses digital assets. Thus, the need to efficiently organize these virtual production assets has increas... More

Fill More Seats With These 3 Pillars of Online Reputation Management (The Boxoffice Company Blog)

When we say ORM, we’re talking about a combination of a few things: digital marketing, SEO, and public relations strategies, all of which promote and maintain your online image. ... More

How to Monetize Your Content When Using a MAM Solution (Veritone Blog)

The growing demand for content has put pressure on brands to manage and distribute their content faster while also offering new opportunities to monetize their media. MAM technolog... More

Why Your Production Needs a Digital Asset Management System (5th Kind)

Almost everyone in the media and entertainment industry uses some form of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and often does not even realise it. Even if you are not using any ... More

Content Aggregation: When Less is More (Synamedia Blog)

There’s more great content to enjoy than ever before. Content owners are churning out TV series with production values that resemble blockbuster theatre releases. But finding tha... More

Benefits of Using IMF in Your Content Hub for Title Management (Ateliere Blog)

One of the key issues facing media organizations is a potential lack of understanding for which titles are in their own libraries; effective Title Management is only as good as the... More

Reach for the Cloud to Obtain a New Media Ecosystem (Vistex Blog)

While media companies have been pioneers in the cloud, creating content, optimizing supply chains, and driving new distribution models such as direct-to-consumer streaming, they ar... More

Residuals and the Streaming Model (EP Blog)

To build successful content libraries, unsung heroes of the residual teams must accurately predict what will resonate with viewers and forecast what it will cost to procure desired... More

How Data Can Make Better Managers (HBR)

Courageous leaders move past their insecurities regarding emerging technologies, unfamiliar jargon in the boardroom, or modifications to their leadership style. They adopt an oppor... More

Cognizant Selected by Volvo Cars for Finance, Accounting and Procurement Business Process Services

In the new three-year agreement, Cognizant will enable Volvo Cars to harmonise its F&A and procurement processes and implement Intelligent Process Automation to drive efficienc... More

Five Important Considerations When Choosing a DRM Vendor (The DRM Blog)

When faced with a decision of what DRM vendor to choose, the landscape can prove to be a bit cloudy. While there aren’t many companies to choose from, there are several important... More

Adobe is Helping Government Agencies Modernize Grants Management

As agencies transform how they design and deliver services, grants management teams are a critical first line of collaboration and response. Modernizing grants processes can help a... More

Deploying DRM Workflows with FFmpeg (BuyDRM Blog)

FFmpeg is one of the most powerful tools available when it comes to A/V content processing/encoding/packaging. While very capable, with DRM in the picture, it leaves some things to... More

Alteon Opens Content-Upload Sites to Help Creators Collaborate on Productions Remotely

Alteon has opened two high-speed content-upload sites, so creatives can begin collaborating on remote productions quickly, easily and hassle-free. The sites, located in Manhattan a... More

How Personalization Unlocks the Full Potential of Your Content (CMS Wire)

Whether its increasing sales, driving web traffic or starting social media conversations, visual content and assets are crucial components of a content marketing strategy. But such... More

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