Top Marketing Trend Predictions For 2023 (CMS Wire)

Impending recession, continued inflation and changing consumer spending mean marketing pros must grow and adjust.... More

Celebrating 16 Years of Marketing Transformation With Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes (Adobe Blog)

After a phenomenal 16-year career at Adobe, Ann Lewnes, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Development, is retiring next month. Since Ann ... More

How Advertisers Can Stay Relevant In an Age of Streaming Audio Influence (Forbes)

Families may no longer gather around "the wireless" in the living room to listen to radio broadcasts together. But in the age of the podcast—not to mention the Wi-Fi-operated sma... More

7 Digital Marketing Concepts That Will Matter In 2023

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. In 2023, marketers will likely see even more shifts—some volatile. As the demand for new technologies and better digital ex... More

Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes to Retire After 16 Years (Adweek)

Her industry-defying long tenure comes after a 'radical transformation' for Adobe's marketing organisation.... More

How is Podcast Advertising Getting to the Next Level in 2023? (TML)

From predictive trends, to long-term brand partnerships and enhanced targeting, what is in store for podcasts this year?... More

Zendesk’s Eric Jorgensen Talks CX, Engaging With Shoppers (Retail Gazette)

On how Zendesk is helping retailers, Jorgensen says, "Zendesk is all about providing the next CX experience to our customers via the channel of their choice. This can be for a bran... More

Metarketing: Five Questions to Ask Before Embarking on Any Metaverse Agenda (Forbes)

Despite its rapid growth, brands must set realistic expectations for the metaverse as a new channel. The technology will likely infiltrate all major industry sectors and geographie... More

These 4 Marketing Trends Are Reshaping How We Connect With Customers (360 Blog)

Over the past few years, marketing trends have forced brands to navigate uncharted and fast-moving waters. Shifts in customer behaviors, an economy in flux, and emerging technologi... More

Zendesk and Shopify: Perfectly Paired to Help Retailers Connect With Customers (Zendesk Blog)

The Zendesk and Shopify integration already united the best of all worlds, such as a complete customer history in one dashboard, order fulfillment status, real-time payment transac... More

The Future of AI Is Creative: How It Will Empower the Next Set of Entrepreneurs (Forbes)

For entrepreneurs, this is a game changer. An early-stage founder needs to be able to code, sell and market at the same time. Startup founders often report a lack of specific knowl... More

Ready to Apply These 4 Tech Trends to Your Marketing?

Marketers should explore four emerging tech trends and how they impact customer data management and consumer privacy.... More

How Marketers Can Upskill for the AI Economy (CMS Wire)

From content creation to predictive analytics and digital voice agents — artificial intelligence can be a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it.... More

4 Lessons for Marketers From the Web3 Craze (CMS Wire)

While Web3 business models aren’t yet dominating the mainstream, there is a lot of excitement about its potential to displace the existing centralized Web 2.0 model for many if n... More

How Marketers are Adapting to the New World of Hybrid Working (Racontuer)

Flexible working is now essential for employees. But in an industry that relies on creativity and collaboration, how are marketing directors navigating this new landscape? ... More

The Emergent Paradigm of Metaverse Marketing (TML)

Brands must create inclusive, immersive worlds for their customers to win in the new metaverse marketing paradigm.... More

Social Media is Moving Toward Recommendation and Authenticity (TML)

Two unique social media trends might have far reaching consequences for marketing. ... More

The Future of Social Media In the Metaverse (Forbes)

Social media is the archetypal web2 application – the enabler of the “user-generated web”. But that doesn’t mean it will die out with the onset of the metaverse and web3. I... More

Why ‘Stranger Things’ Could be the Super Bowl of Advertising (TML)

Globe-spanning mega-IPs create genuine canvases for big, bold brand storytelling that has guaranteed reach.... More

Five Steps in Strategy Marketing Leaders Can Take to Drive Revenue (DMN)

Marketing leaders and teams are routinely tasked with keeping the numbers up with their marketing strategy. Your performance will be judged by the revenue coming out of marketing i... More

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