Matthew Ball on the Metaverse: ‘We’ve Never Seen a Shift This Enormous’ (Protocol)

The leading metaverse theorist shares his thoughts on the sudden rise of the concept, its utility for the enterprise and what we still get wrong about the metaverse.... More

NFTs and the Metaverse are so Meta (CMS Wire)

Metadata — data about data and yet so much more — is the foundation for your digital strategy in this uncharted, hyperreal metaverse. You want your content to be discovered, to... More

Design Careers Find a New Dimension (Adobe Blog)

The jump to AR and VR, especially for those versed in two-dimensional design skills and apps, may seem complicated. But many of the skills, experiences, and even apps transfer well... More

Veritone Navigate Unlocks World’s Largest Repository of Audio, Influencer Metadata

Veritone unveiled Navigate, a new application custom designed for Veritone One—its full-service performance-based audio and influencer advertising agency. Built on aiWARE, Naviga... More

Amdocs’ Vubiquity Unveils MetaVU, Simplifying Metadata Aggregation, Industry Pain Points

Amdocs announced MetaVU, a Vubiquity platform that allows content providers and video distributors to better store, manage, augment, localise, and distribute metadata. (more&hellip... More

AppTek Launches New Metadata-Informed Neural Machine Translation System for Enterprises

AppTek announced the release of its new neural machine translation system that incorporates metadata as inputs used to customise the MT output and empower localisation professional... More

Man City Breaks Ground on Metaverse e-Tihad as Stadiums Go Virtual (Sportico)

Manchester City is headed to the metaverse, and they won’t be alone when they get there. Overlapping trends in camera tech, fan engagement strategies and blockchain proliferation... More

How Metadata Enhances Content Discovery (Spherex Blog)

Media companies spend a lot of time and money studying and modelling consumer behaviours. It’s big business and a critical component of today’s media marketplace. Entire compan... More

The Next Generation of Metadata Management (Forbes)

An active metadata hub — think of it as metadata middleware — leverages an ML-augmented data catalog to enable orchestration, enrichment and policy enforcement. This means not ... More

Salesforce Fuels the Future of Commerce With New Innovations, Partnerships

New innovations and partnerships empower retailers to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere. Salesforce data finds that by next year, 25% of shopping will happen beyond a brand's webs... More

The Importance of Movie Metadata (Spherex Blog)

The old chestnut of “If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is the perfect analogy for metadata. If a great film is made and no ... More

How AI and Metadata are Driving Compliance (Digital Nirvana Blog)

For modern media organizations that store immense volumes of content, AI-driven metadata generation has become an essential capability. Replacing less comprehensive (and more costl... More

Red Bee Media Enhances Metadata With Stats Perform Partnership (TVB)

Red Bee's platform now offers analytical and statistical sports data including highlights, score alerts and imagery from more than 4,000 leagues and competitions globally.... More

Crackle Plus Turns to Gracenote for Content Discoverability (DTE)

Crackle Plus systems will use Gracenote entertainment metadata and unique Gracenote IDs to make Crackle, Popcornflix and Chicken Soup for the Soul streaming service titles more sea... More

Real Madrid Tap Adobe for New Digital Fan Experiences (Sports Pro)

The LaLiga club plans to use the new collaboration to turn it into an ‘unrivalled global entertainment and lifestyle brand’. To help achieve this, Real will use Adobe Experienc... More

RSG Media Launches RSG Media Metadata Management

RSG Media Systems has announced the beta launch of R3M designed to enable Operators, Platforms, Programmers, and Studios to manage the metadata associated to their content assets i... More

Digital Nirvana Creates New Metadata Automation Platform for Avid Interplay (SVG)

Digital Nirvana has announced MetadataIQ, a new metadata automation tool for content producers using the Avid media platform. A secure and scalable SaaS solution, MetadataIQ offers... More

How Metadata is Staging the Next Revolution in AI-Enabled Translation Workflows (Slator)

AppTek will soon launch an MT system that makes use of multi-dimensional metadata inputs to offer deeper customisation at the project level, document level, or even at the individu... More

Gracenote Expands International Metadata Coverage to Vibrant Poland Market

Gracenote metadata will enable subscribing clients such as pay-TV providers, broadcasters and streaming platforms to elevate the entertainment experiences they offer to Polish view... More

Implementation, Challenges of Data Lake Metadata Services (Alibaba Cloud Blog)

In the field of big data computing and storage, many big data engines are developed to deal with different business scenarios and data scale needs. The data lake metadata services ... More

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