Exploring Buy vs. Build Strategies for Metadata Management (MetaBroadcast Blog)

Optimizing your metadata investment is crucial as budgets tighten and pressure mounts for improved operating margins. Metadata management is a pragmatic approach to controlling the... More

Metadata is the Key to Compelling Fan Experiences as Sports Migrate to Streaming (SBJ)

While not every publisher can afford to bid for sports rights, the field of content destinations is far more expansive than it was just four years ago -- and sports rights are stea... More

Maximizing Your Theater’s Online Impact: A SEO Triumph for Cinemas (The Boxoffice Company)

As a movie theater owner, you know that an outstanding cinematic experience is at the very heart of your theater’s success. But in a digital era where exhibitors now compete with... More

What Creatives Have to Gain From AI (RS)

Generative AI isn’t perfect, but even at its current stage of development, it helps us to speak in languages that we couldn’t before.... More

DAM Metadata: Why Less is More (MarTech)

The key is having the right metadata. You want to find a balance between the usefulness and value of the metadata and the time and effort expended to enter it.... More

APEX Tech: Spafax’s Andy Beer Continues ‘Smart’ Metadata Discussion With Panel on Language Metadata Tables (APEX)

Explaining the process of how the data is input, Beer said getting the languages right is key. “As you know, the cultural impact of getting the languages right is very important ... More

Meta Martis, Public Media Group of Southern California to Provide On-Premises Physical Media Migration, ML-Driven Metadata Extraction

Meta Martis signed deal with the Public Media Group of Southern California to migrate thousands of hours of physical media to digital then processing their files with GrayMeta’s ... More

The Impact of Metadata on Video Discovery (Synamedia Blog)

As with golf, there is a huge amount of tapped and untapped data that can support a given video asset. In the past, this data was only partially leveraged due to technology barrier... More

How the IRIS_ID Enables Contextual Targeting on Streaming (TVRev)

IRIS.TV’s CEO Field Garthwaite explains the value of contextual advertising and how his company’s IRIS_ID makes it easy for brands to identify and target contextual audiences.... More

Qualcomm Brings Home Broadband to the Car (Forbes)

Qualcomm just took another major step in automotive connectivity innovation with the introduction of a new Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF Gen 2 platform that brings living room-qualit... More

Matthew Ball on the Metaverse: ‘We’ve Never Seen a Shift This Enormous’ (Protocol)

The leading metaverse theorist shares his thoughts on the sudden rise of the concept, its utility for the enterprise and what we still get wrong about the metaverse.... More

NFTs and the Metaverse are so Meta (CMS Wire)

Metadata — data about data and yet so much more — is the foundation for your digital strategy in this uncharted, hyperreal metaverse. You want your content to be discovered, to... More

Design Careers Find a New Dimension (Adobe Blog)

The jump to AR and VR, especially for those versed in two-dimensional design skills and apps, may seem complicated. But many of the skills, experiences, and even apps transfer well... More

Veritone Navigate Unlocks World’s Largest Repository of Audio, Influencer Metadata

Veritone unveiled Navigate, a new application custom designed for Veritone One—its full-service performance-based audio and influencer advertising agency. Built on aiWARE, Naviga... More

Amdocs’ Vubiquity Unveils MetaVU, Simplifying Metadata Aggregation, Industry Pain Points

Amdocs announced MetaVU, a Vubiquity platform that allows content providers and video distributors to better store, manage, augment, localise, and distribute metadata. (more&hellip... More

AppTek Launches New Metadata-Informed Neural Machine Translation System for Enterprises

AppTek announced the release of its new neural machine translation system that incorporates metadata as inputs used to customise the MT output and empower localisation professional... More

Man City Breaks Ground on Metaverse e-Tihad as Stadiums Go Virtual (Sportico)

Manchester City is headed to the metaverse, and they won’t be alone when they get there. Overlapping trends in camera tech, fan engagement strategies and blockchain proliferation... More

How Metadata Enhances Content Discovery (Spherex Blog)

Media companies spend a lot of time and money studying and modelling consumer behaviours. It’s big business and a critical component of today’s media marketplace. Entire compan... More

The Next Generation of Metadata Management (Forbes)

An active metadata hub — think of it as metadata middleware — leverages an ML-augmented data catalog to enable orchestration, enrichment and policy enforcement. This means not ... More

Salesforce Fuels the Future of Commerce With New Innovations, Partnerships

New innovations and partnerships empower retailers to conduct commerce anytime, anywhere. Salesforce data finds that by next year, 25% of shopping will happen beyond a brand's webs... More

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