AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision

Amazon Lookout for Vision uses AWS-trained computer vision models on images and video streams to find anomalies and flaws in products or production processes. (more…)... More

5 Big Changes Coming to Palo Alto Networks’ Partner Program (CRN)

From unlocking cloud resale and SMB technical support to driving sales enablement and emerging technology specializations, here’s a rundown of key changes to the Palo Alto Networ... More

SRO Motorsports Group Names AWS its Global Technology Provider

The new agreement will see SRO series across the globe benefit from the industry-leading suite of cloud services, AI and ML provided by AWS, delivering an exceptional experience fo... More

Why is Serverless the Main Battlefield in the Next Decade? (Alibaba Cloud Blog)

A closer look at the trends and challenges of serverless adoption.... More

What Does the Future of Digital Identity Look Like? (Raconteur)

With digital identity heading towards mass adoption, the arms race to secure identities is stepping up a notch.... More

Clubhouse Goes Global (Rest of World)

The buzzy audio app is most frequently associated with Silicon Valley, but it’s taking off everywhere from Japan to Nigeria.... More

AI Security: Curation, Context, Other Keys to the Future (Security Intelligence)

Security leaders need to cut through the hype when it comes to artificial intelligence security. While AI offers promise, buzzwords and big-picture thinking aren’t enough to deli... More

How AI Helps Radio Stations Improve Content Quality, Remain Competitive (Veritone Blog)

With the advancements of artificial intelligence, radio stations can now instantly capture their on-air content and obtain access to a keyword-searchable archive of all on-air audi... More

Overcoming the Top Four Challenges of Enterprise-Scale Machine Learning (Digitally Cognizant)

A cloud-based ‘lakehouse’ can provide a scalable, cost-effective platform for both machine learning and data analytics workloads.... More

AWS, Bundesliga Enhance Real-Time Game Analysis

Amazon Web Services and the German Bundesliga, Germany’s top national football league, announced three new Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS to give fans deeper insights into... More

Adobe Adds Easy Collaboration, Asynchronous Editing to Photoshop (PetaPixel)

Adobe is leaning a bit more into the benefits of a cloud-based architecture with the rollout of an easy collaboration button and asynchronous editing in Photoshop, Illustrator, and... More

The Future of Sports Fandom (S+B)

COVID-19 has ushered in an era in sports watching that will be more interactive and creative in blending real-life and virtual experiences.... More

Is the End of the Firewall in Sight? (Security Intelligence)

The cloud has shifted the discussion to the need for firewalls that are equipped to provide protection over more virtual landscapes.... More

Adobe Unveils New AI Tools for Retailers (Forbes)

The consumer demand for more from their online experiences has created a race by retailers and tech partners to build smarter, more personalized, digitally-enhanced shopping experi... More

SAP to Acquire Business Process Intelligence Company Signavio

Combining Signavio with the Business Process Intelligence unit of SAP will strengthen SAP’s capacity to help companies quickly understand, improve, transform and manage their bus... More

What TV Remotes Tell Us About Power Struggles in Streaming (Protocol)

TV remote controls are a major battlefield in the TV wars, which are fought one branded button at a time.... More

A Closer Look at SAP HANA Cloud (ZDNet)

Over the past year, SAP has relaunched its database cloud based on HANA as a portfolio of services with building blocks assembled like a classic Russian doll.... More

Enterprises Plan to Spend More on AI in 2021 (CDO)

Organizations are moving their artificial intelligence initiatives up to the top of their strategic priorities and are accelerating their spending and hiring, according to a new re... More

AI Generated Music: Who Gets the Royalties? (Vistex Blog)

Is feeding AI copyrighted music to create new music deemed legal under the current copyright law?... More

The Metaverse is Coming (Wired)

We will see a shift in the way people play, work, learn or simply hang out in 2021. Some of this connection will move into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly ge... More

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