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M&E Journal: The Value of Analyzing Data as a Performance Tool and Service Offering

By Ramón Bretón, Chief Technology Officer, 3rd I QC - To say that computers are ubiquitous in today’s business world is a vast understatement. One byproduct of the computeri... More

M&E Journal: 2017: The Year of Quality VR

By Ramón Bretón, CTO, 3rd i QC - The current wave of virtual reality began in August of 2012, when Oculus launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first Rift headset, the PC-ba... More

M&E Journal: Virtual Reality: Visual Storytelling’s Quantum Leap

By Ramón Bretón, Chief Technology Officer, 3rd i QC - Since the days of the first magic lantern shows, the art of visual storytelling has evolved, becoming more lifelike with ... More

3rd i QC to Tackle VR, AR Experiences, Applications

Culver City, Calif.-based media and entertainment quality-control specialist 3rd i QC announced Sept. 20 that it was opening a dedicated virtual reality and augmented reality QC sp... More

Collaborative Quality-Assurance for Content Providers Being Offered by 3rd i QC

By Mel Lambert Culver City, Calif.-based 3rd i QC says that its collaborative approach to quality assurance for major motion-picture studios and independent content producers help... More