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Box CEO to Discuss ‘The Future of Work’ July 16

Giant increases in digital collaboration, more productivity in the afternoons, and more work being done outside of normal business hours. The shift to remote working has resulte... More

Box’s Aaron Levie Says it Will Take Creativity and Focus to Get Through This Crisis (TechCrunch)

The COVID-19 virus is touching every aspect of our lives and having a profound impact on individuals, businesses and society at large. Box’s Aaron Levie has built a successful bu... More

Box CEO Levie Chats About the Future of Work (Quartz)

Remote work or co-location? "I personally am a very big fan of people coming in and working with their team in person whenever possible. There’s a sort of serendipity you get. Ju... More

HITS Fall: Box CEO Touts Industry’s Digital Transformation

LOS ANGELES — The media and entertainment industry continues to undergo a digital transformation, according to Box CEO Aaron Levie, with more cloud-based tool, integrated workflo... More

HITS Fall: Box CEO Levie, Lionsgate’s Miller to Deliver ‘Digital Transformation’ Keynote

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, and Theresa Miller, EVP and CIO of Lionsgate, are set to deliver the opening keynote of the day Oct. 4 at the Hollywood Innovation & Technology Summit ... More

Box CEO: Tech Industry Needs ’21st-Century’ Regulation (CNBC)

As the digital world evolves, government regulations have to evolve with it, Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of cloud-based content management company Box Inc., told CNBC in an int... More

Box Execs Introduce Enhanced Offerings, Tout Strong Momentum

Box executives used the first keynote at this year’s BoxWorks conference in San Francisco to unveil several enhanced offerings for the company’s customers that they said will h... More

Box CEO Aaron Levie says Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Life, Create Huge Opportunities (BI)

Aaron Levie, the CEO of $2.75 billion cloud file company Box, acknowledges that when it comes to AI, people are "already tired of the buzzword." And yet, at the company's Boxworks ... More

Box CEO: Industry’s Facing New Challenges All the Time, On Multiple Fronts

The media industry and enterprise organizations across multiple sectors continue to face new challenges all the time as they continue to embrace the digital age and new technologie... More

Inside Aaron Levie’s Plan to Make Box Your Office’s Gateway to AI (Forbes)

With annual revenue of about $400 million today, Box management is focused on a path to $1 billion. To get there – and join the ranks of software’s largest companies – Levie'... More

Box CEO Aaron Levie Learned to Trust His Friends and Change Directions (L.A. Times)

After more than a decade running the company, Levie says the key to Box’s success has always been its culture. “You always see posters with platitudes like ‘Culture eats stra... More

M&E Innovation, Technology Stressed at HITS: Spring 2017

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Aaron Levie, CEO, co-founder and chairman of Box, foresaw a major shift in how people collaborate and share information, when he got his company off the ... More

Box CEO Aaron Levie: Think About the Jobs AI Will Create, Not What It’ll Take Away (CNBC)

Artificial intelligence (AI) will bring about huge innovation to several sectors of the economy, including health care, predicts Aaron Levie, the co-founder and CEO of enterprise c... More

Box CEO Aaron Levie’s Advice for Snap Following IPO: ‘Be Predictable’ (Forbes)

Levie advises Snap management to focus on communicating their long term strategy clearly, especially if the hype starts to sour. "It's very easy to communicate things when they're ... More

Box CEO: Strong Feedback for Relay Workflow Solution

The new Box Relay workflow solution that Box developed with IBM will officially launch later this year, but it’s already being rolled out as part of a beta test to some of Box’... More

Box CEO Offers Perspectives on AI, Machine Learning at Work (eWeek)

"The broader industry trend is that the way that we're going to be working in the enterprise is going to be very, very different from how people have worked in the past," Box CEO A... More

Industry Insight: What the Cloud IT Revolution Means for Business (Fox Business)

Aaron Levie, Box: Look back on IT a decade ago. Most of your time within the IT organization or strategy was really on activities that weren't particularly differentiating you from... More

Box CEO Aaron Levie Describes His Vision of an Instant-Access Future (Inc.)

In Box CEO Aaron Levie's vision of the future -- at least, the future of enterprise technology -- everything is instantaneous. "You are going to have instant, on-demand access to a... More