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Google Pitches TV-Like Quality for Online Ads (Light Reading)

Although navigating the online video ecosystem is complex, Google can help, according to Google's Strategic Partner Manager Michal Stefanski. Speaking in Budapest Wednesday, Stefan... More

Ad Measurement Feuds on Facebook, YouTube Hinge on Code (WSJ)

Could billions of dollars’ worth of digital advertising budgets hinge on a few lines of code? It sounds dramatic. However, the way Facebook and Google implement tracking code fro... More

Oracle, Visa Introduce New Tools to Help Improve Digital Ad Performance (SCN)

Visa, in partnership with Oracle, today introduced Visa Advertising Solutions, a new suite of products to help merchants understand whether their digital advertising efforts are in... More

The Power of Subtitling for TV Ads (Zoo Digital Blog)

You can caption your ads for very little extra cost and instantly increase your audience, opening up a wealth of opportunities for advertisers and brands to connect with new audien... More

Twitter Is Testing Carousel Ads for Video and Photo Tweets (Adweek)

Twitter is launching a new ad unit that allows brands to combine multiple tweets in a single ad unit. The product, called Promoted Tweet Carousel, lets marketers use a brand's twee... More

YuMe Boosts Viewability in Ad Platform (Rapid TV News)

YuMe has announced new capabilities to improve brand safety and viewability standards for its programmatic video advertising platform, YuMe for Advertisers (YFA). This includes int... More

Ads Evolve Into New Forms as Media Landscape Shifts (NY Times)

For decades, 30-second television commercials were the gold standard, and as online video proliferated, many digital ads were essentially repurposed from TV. But in the last severa... More

Ad Fraud Wreaks Havoc On Measurement (AdExchanger)

Most clients and partners, trade associations and agencies are aware of digital ad fraud by now. And some have deployed fraud and bot detection services to measure it. But beyond k... More

With the TV Business in Upheaval, Targeted Ads Offer Hope (NY Times)

The peril and promise are byproducts of television’s truly becoming a digital medium. Internet services like Netflix and YouTube deliver video programming to screens large and sm... More