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NBCU Incorporates ANA/4A’s Ad-ID, Calls It a New Standard (Media Post)

NBCUniversal has signed up incorporate Ad-ID - an industrywide tool for standardizing and evaluating advertising assets - into its media platform, becoming the first major media co... More

5 Adtech Predictions for 2020 (CMO)

The market for advertising technology is expected to record exponential growth between now and 2023. But predicting how the landscape will truly shake out, especially given shiftin... More

The Adtech and Martech Divide is No More (AdNews)

The “clichéd convergence” of adtech and martech has finally come to fruition, according to Keith Eadie, who heads Adobe Advertising Cloud. Eadie told AdNews that despite being... More

How AI is Blurring the Lines Between Martech, Adtech (MTA)

Artificial Intelligence has multiple applications in MarTech. It has also revolutionized the world of digital advertising. Although AdTech is believed by some to be different than ... More

TiVo’s Walt Horstman Talks TV Advertising (MTS)

Horstman: "In 2018, TV executives are becoming smarter with the ways they use linear TV data. In an environment where there are so many measurement challenges, the industry is incr... More

Mobile Is Bigger Than TV – Can Adland Be Trusted With It? (MediaPost)

Was 2017 the year where mobile finally overtook television? That's the question everyone in adland will be asking after this week's AA/WARC figures showed that in the third quarter... More

What Will Drive M&A in the Adtech and Martech Sector in 2018? (The Drum)

Privacy implementations imposed by some of the industry’s largest tech brands, plus the European Union’s upcoming Genuine Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as a desir... More

Why GDPR Is Good for Online Advertising, Even Ad Tech (MediaPost)

Due to the fragmented nature of the digital advertising ecosystem, publisher revenues are being eaten up by ad-tech vendors and intermediaries. While the GDPR will not reverse this... More

Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey: ‘We’re Doubling Down on Adtech’ (The Drum)

Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey said he plans to “double down” on adtech investment, saying the company has learned lessons from past mistakes that could... More

New Research Shows that In-Stream Video Ads Outperform Preroll (Adweek)

It’s probably no surprise that people ignore ads they don’t like and remember those they do, but the results of a new study shows just how great of a gap there might be. Accord... More