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Eurofins Digital Testing Selected as Certified Test Center for Amazon Alexa Integrated Products (MESA)

Eurofins Digital Testing announced that it will now provide certified, third-party testing services to help developers and manufacturers earn Amazon’s “Alexa-Built-in” Badge.... More

Real Madrid Launch Own Amazon Alexa ‘Skill’ (SportsPro)

Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid have announced that a new club-dedicated ‘skill’ has been launched on Amazon’s artificial intelligence voice assistant Alexa. The skill will... More

Amazon AI Predicts Users’ Musical Tastes Based on Playback Duration (VentureBeat)

AI engineers at Amazon have developed a novel way to learn users’ musical tastes and affinities — by using song playback duration as an “implicit recommendation system.” Di... More

Should Your Business Have an Amazon Alexa Strategy? (Forbes)

The explosive growth of in-home artificial intelligence assistants has many companies scrambling to develop apps and “skills” to keep up with the new technology. But many are d... More