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Beyond Imagination: AI, Art and the Ownership Dilemma (Forbes)

The age of AI is transforming the landscape of creativity, challenging our understanding of creator rights and digital identity. As AI becomes an integral part of the creative proc... More

Three Professional Filmmakers Debate the Future of Art and AI (Creative Bloq)

Generative AI art, and AI, in general is the topic no one can escape, and now AI filmmaking is becoming a new trend; from live action movies to VFX and animation this is a creative... More

M&E Journal: A New Crossroad of Art and Science

As market and channel management becomes more and more complicated, there are now ways to analyze and solve some of these complexities via the convergence of the fields of rights m... More

Adobe, Shepard Fairey Kick Off ‘Honor Heroes’ (Dexigner)

Iconic artist Shepard Fairey posted 'Guts not Glory' to kick-off 'Honor Heroes' -- a new digital art collaboration in partnership with Adobe that honors the workers and volunteers ... More

Art and Augmented Reality at Adobe’s Festival of the Impossible (Forbes)

Can machines be creative? Can they make humans more creative? Creativity holds a special place in our soul-searching on humans and machines. Some see creativity as the last frontie... More

Adobe Fresco is a New iPad App for People Who Can’t Draw (FastCompany)

You used to draw more, and Adobe knows it. Surveying more than 2,500 people in the U.S., the company learned that while half of us reported painting and drawing every week as child... More

Adobe Fresco Brings the Joy of Painting to the iPad (The Verge)

Formerly called Project Gemini, Adobe Fresco’s main selling point is its Live brushes, which use Adobe Sensei’s AI platform to produce those realistic watercolor and oil paint ... More

Is AI Set to Become Art’s Next Medium? (Christie’s Blog)

No AI researchers are claiming that much just yet. They are still addressing the fundamental question of whether the images produced by their networks can be called art at all. One... More

Christie’s to Auction Art Created by AI (PCMag)

Christie's New York will be the first major auction house to sell a piece of art generated by artificial intelligence. The algorithm is made up of two components: the Generator, wh... More

How AI is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art (NYT)

Called deep neural networks, these complex mathematical systems allow machines to learn specific behavior by analyzing vast amounts of data. By looking for common patterns in milli... More

IBM Watson’s New Job as Art Museum Guide Could Hint at Lots of Future Roles With Brands (Adweek)

So, how do you get art to speak to you specifically? By getting it to speak, period. For the launch of IBM Watson in Brazil, Ogilvy Brazil created an interactive guide that lets pe... More

The Tech Behind Bitcoin Could Help Artists and Protect Collectors. So Why Won’t They Use It? (Artsy)

Blockchain, or the “spreadsheet in the sky,” as [Masha] McConaghy likes to call it, acts like a giant online ledger which records every entry and updates everyone who is part o... More