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ATSC 3.0 Receivers Near Commercial Debut (Light Reading)

2021 will be the year that will usher in the first wave of ATSC 3.0-capable receivers, devices that should expand consumer adoption of the new standard as US broadcasters light up ... More

ATSC 3.0 Could Revolutionize OTA Television, but Only for Broadcasters Who are Ready (Signiant Blog)

5G isn’t the only technology on the horizon that promises to increase bandwidth and drive M&E enterprises into the future of production and broadcasting. Though discussed less co... More

How Next Gen TV Could Bridge Digital Divides (B&C)

ATSC 3.0 technology will deliver broadband beyond cable’s wireline footprint.... More

ATSC 3.0 Deployment Stays on Track Despite Pandemic (Next TV)

ATSC 3.0 (aka NextGen TV)—got off to a flying start early this year, with the first TV sets for U.S. consumers being displayed at CES in January and rollouts across the country s... More

ATSC 3.0: NextGen TV in a Transitioning Market (NAGRA Blog)

In an effort to better understand today’s ever-changing world, people are relying heavily on regional and local news during these complicated times. This demand combined with str... More

Sinclair’s Deployment of ATSC 3.0 in Las Vegas Features HDR Technology from Technicolor (MESA)

The High Dynamic Range technology embedded in the commercial deployment of ATSC 3.0 in Las Vegas by Sinclair Broadcast Group will not only enhance live sports viewing experiences,... More

ATSC 3.0: Small Cities, Big Opportunities (Next TV)

As the new era of NextGen TV beckons, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to utilize this expansive new technology to really help millions of Americans—and it’s not the ... More

ATSC 3.0: Reinventing Broadcast TV (Digital TV Europe)

2020 is meant to see the rollout across the US of Next-Gen TV – the new generation of over-the-air services based on the ATSC 3.0 standard. Elke Hungenaert of Synamedia talks abo... More

Why the ATSC 3.0 Rollout Means Broadcasters Must Evolve Their Video Networks (Synamedia Blog)

The first time people realize they can watch the content they love on any device, anywhere, they get excited. The second time they watch it, they get used to it. And so just as soo... More

Security, Content Protection High Priorities for Next-Gen TV (TV Technology)

Early in the ATSC 3.0 development process it became readily apparent that for prevention of content piracy or unsanctioned signal retransmission, and to enable the capability to ru... More

CES 2020: NEXTGEN TV, Powered by ATSC 3.0, Set to Take Center Stage (MESA)

NEXTGEN TV, powered by ATSC 3.0, will be one of the key technologies highlighted at next week’s CES® 2020 consumer technology extravaganza in Las Vegas. The first U.S. consumer ... More

International Telecommunications Union Backs ATSC 3.0 (MESA)

The Advanced Television Systems Committee welcomed news that the International Telecommunications Union has adopted ATSC 3.0 as a recommended digital broadcast standard, paving the... More

Verance Joins ATSC 3.0 Group AWARN Alliance (MESA)

Verance, a provider of open standard watermarking, announced it is furthering its commitment to advanced emergency alerting as one of the newest members of the Advanced Warning and... More

Synamedia Looks to ATSC 3.0 Transition (HITS)

Independent video software provider Synamedia is partnering with metadata management and data broadcasting company Triveni Digital to enable broadcasters to transition to ATSC 3.0,... More

Synamedia, Triveni Digital Partner for ATSC 3.0 Solutions (MESA)

Synamedia and Triveni Digital announced their partnership to enable customers to seamlessly transition to ATSC 3.0. Also announced today is their current deployment with a major U.... More

Eurofins Provides CTA With ‘NextGen TV’ ATSC 3.0 Logo Certification, Conformance Testing (MESA)

In advance of ATSC-3.0 IP-enabled broadcast transmission in 2020, the Consumer Technology Association announced “NEXTGEN TV” as the go-to-market name for this television techno... More

ATSC 3.0 Field Tests Prove Out High-Quality Video to Fixed and Mobile Devices (MESA)

ONE Media 3.0 announced a series of live broadcast tests conducted from August 19-22 with partners Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, InterDigital and Technicol... More

Technicolor, NAB Celebrate Successful ATSC 3.0 Test

Technicolor, LG, two Korean technology providers and others are celebrating today, following a successful field test of ATSC 3.0 in Cleveland, one that proved the next-gen transmis... More

Dolby’s Bullish on New Netflix High-Quality Audio Feature, Transition to ATSC 3.0

Dolby is upbeat about the new high-quality audio feature that Netflix announced May 1 for its streaming video customers and the ongoing transition to the new Advanced Television Sy... More

NAB 2019: Eurofins Encouraged by Strong Reception to Arreios for ATSC 3.0 Test Suite

LAS VEGAS — Eurofins saw strong interest for its new Arreios for ATSC 3.0 suite of test automation tools at NAB this past week, according to Tim Morgan, managing director, U.K., ... More