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AWS Launches AWS Elemental Link UHD

AWS Elemental Link UHD is a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoding device that makes it simple and cost efficient to connect a live ultra-high definition (UHD) video source, ... More

Arch Platform Scales Up VFX Studio Workflows in the AWS Cloud (DMW)

As VFX studios continue to show interest in moving their creative workflows into the cloud, Arch Platform Technologies has developed secure, cloud-based infrastructure that studios... More

AWS, ViacomCBS Expand Strategic Agreement to Transform Content Creation, Delivery

Global media leader selects AWS as its preferred broadcast cloud provider to power one of the largest digital transformations in the media and entertainment industry. (more…... More

AWS Debuts Cloud Digital Interface to Reliably Transport Uncompressed Live Video Between Applications

AWS unveiled the AWS Cloud Digital Interface, a new network technology that allows Independent Software Vendors and AWS Partners to build reliable, live video applications that can... More

How Sony Protects Rights of Digital Creators Using Blockchain on AWS (Forbes)

Traditional approaches to managing music rights struggle to keep pace. Protecting the rights of creators takes on new urgency. Solutions that simplify royalty tracking and collecti... More

Amazon CFO: Company to Continue AWS, Alexa, Streaming Video Investments

Amazon will continue to make major investments in its Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alexa and streaming video businesses after continuing to make strides on each of them in the fourth... More

Turner Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider (HITS)

Today, Amazon Web Services announced that Turner has named AWS as its preferred cloud provider. Turner is moving thousands of virtual machines to AWS and creating cloud-native appl... More