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The 6 Biggest Trends in B2B Commerce for 2021 (Adobe Blog)

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CES 2020: LG, Microsoft Azure Partner on B2B Innovations

LAS VEGAS — To close out the 2020 edition of CES, LG Electronics announced it is partnering with Microsoft to build its automotive infotainment systems, management systems and ot... More

How AR Could Be a Boon to B2B Sales (Tech HQ)

The door is wide open for AR, immersive, and 3D interactive solutions to be utilized within the sales process. With AR, B2B sales teams can superimpose digitally-simulated products... More

Can IT Tear Down the Wall Between B2B and B2C Marketing? (CMO)

Steve Lucas, strategic adviser at Adobe, suggested that focusing specifically on the consumer or business decision maker is becoming an antiquated approach in a digitally connected... More

The B2B App Boom Will Only Grow in 2019 (CMS Wire)

This has been a landmark year for the release of new business apps. Vendors, including software industry giants like IBM and SAP, have been flooding the market with hundreds of new... More

SAP’s CMO Targets B2B Decision-Makers Beyond the C-Suite (AdExchanger)

What do an international pop group, the creator of “American Idol,” Cirque du Soleil and actor Clive Owen have in common? SAP. “Marketers in the B2B space have to realize one... More

Blockchain May Give Rise to Even Smarter B2B Marketplaces (Forbes)

Does blockchain mean boom or bust for existing B2B networks? On one hand, blockchain promises to smooth and validate the interactions that take place between organizations and thei... More

Study: 50% of IT Professionals Consume B2B Content with Increasing Regularity (The Drum)

B2B marketers have a growing opportunity to reach IT decision makers by acknowledging the changes in content consumption trends and their past mismanagement of prospects, a new ind... More

Oracle Pitches ‘Power of One’ for Marketing Cloud — Using Its Own Marketing Cloud (AdAge)

In an effort to get attention in the crowded marketing cloud arena, Oracle is launching a new campaign built from the ground up using its own marketing tech solution. Oracle's b-to... More

Salesforce Extends Wave Analytics Apps to Financial Services, B2B Marketers (CMS Wire)

Salesforce wants to put the powers of a data scientist into everyone’s hands — and it's doing so by expanding its Wave Analytics portfolio. The idea: Provide consumer-grade, of... More

Oracle Launches Largest B2B Audience Data Marketplace (SCN)

Oracle Data Cloud today launched the largest business-to-business (B2B) audience data marketplace to help make programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing easier. To help B2B market... More

OpenText: HP Software Completes Our DX Journey (CMSWire)

OpenText’s acquisitions of HP Inc.'s (HP) customer experience software will allow OpenText customers to build end-to-end digital experiences and lifetime customer journeys, accor... More

What B2B Can Learn From the Brexit Campaigns: First the Heart, Then the Brain (LinkedIn Pulse)

Ah, the Brexit Regrexit. Marketers, and high-tech marketers specifically, should dissect the events leading up to the world-shaking Leave or Remain referendum and see how emotion-l... More