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Digimarc CEO: Retailers Still Being ‘Cautious’ About Replacing Traditional Barcode

It’s taking a while to expand Digimarc Barcode across retail stores industrywide because retailers are “suitably cautious” about replacing the traditional barcode that they a... More

M&E Journal: You Play It, You Pay For It

By Tony Rodriguez, Digimarc - Copyright: The primary form of protection that empowers and safeguards artistic creativity. Creators of “original works of authorship” are pro... More

‘Shopping for The Future’ Group Formed in Japan to study Digimarc Barcode Impact

Digimarc has announced that a group of industry-leading companies in Japan has formed a study group regarding implementation of Digimarc Barcode. The "Shopping for The Future" stud... More

Digimarc Gets Big Vote of Confidence from Industry Standards Group (Portland Business Journal)

The world's biggest distributor of barcodes this week announced it will be selling a new barcode powered by Digimarc, instantly giving the Beaverton-based company a significantly l... More