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The UK is Re-negotiating its Relationship With Big Tech (Tech Monitor)

The UK international trade secretary Liz Truss will meet executives from some of the world’s largest tech firms on her visit to the US. The move to court Big Tech is aimed at dri... More

In U.S. Creator Economy Boom, Big Tech Battles for Online Talent (Reuters)

In the last year, major social media companies have raced to announce dozens of features aimed at attracting creators, an estimated 50 million people who range from internet person... More

Big Tech is Now Worth $2T More Than Media Sector (Variety)

The gap between Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) and media has widened.... More

Amazon is Responsible for Most Big Tech Job Growth Since 2000 (CNBC)

As politicians increasingly call for antitrust crackdowns on Big Tech companies, it’s worth considering some of the positive effects these companies have had as they’ve grown. ... More

At Sun Valley, Execs Agree More Tech Regulation is Inevitable, but Breaking Up Big Tech Could Backfire (CNBC)

Government regulation of the tech industry has been a big topic of conversation at this year’s Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley. The consensus among executives CNBC spoke to:... More

Big Tech is Throwing Money, Talent at Home Robots (Bloomberg)

Behind the scenes, big tech companies are funding secret projects to develop robots. Amazon.com Inc. has been working on a robot version of its Echo voice-activated speaker for a w... More