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How Leaders Can Use Ethical AI to Develop Creative Teams

Most creatives agree: you need to master AI before it masters you. Companies are increasingly relying on AI to automate processes and unlock new opportunities, which sounds great f... More

Bluescape Streamlines Generative AI Workflows with Enhanced API Updates

Bluescape announced its enhanced API, enabling any developer to build streamlined workflows for generative AI. These additions address the critical need to consolidate multiple tas... More

I Asked ChatGPT If Creatives Should be Concerned About AI (Bluescape Blog)

AI and its potential has the creative world divided: are our jobs about to get a whole lot easier, or eliminated entirely?... More

Spark Creativity Through Better Findability (Bluescape Blog)

Creative teams across industries have a common problem: according to a recent State of DAM report, 51% of teams said that they waste time searching for assets.... More

Bluescape Partners With ThunderCat Technology to Offer Its Digital Workbench Solution

Bluescape has partnered with ThunderCat Technology to offer its digital workbench solution to customers in the Department of Defense, Intelligence, Federal, Civilian, and State, Lo... More

Bluescape’s FedRAMP-Authorized Virtual Workspace Available Through DTS

Bluescape has partnered with DTS, a cyber, consulting, and management services company, to deliver its virtual work platform to the firm's government customers. The partnership wil... More

Bluescape: The Art and Science of Finding the Perfect Image

Finding images sounds simple enough. Type in a keyword. Scroll through the results. But anyone who works with images for a living knows there’s much more to it than that. Finding... More

Bluescape’s FedRAMP-Authorized Digital Workbench Available Through Carahsoft’s Public Sector Contract Vehicles

Bluescape, a visual collaboration and workspace platform, announced it has partnered with Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider to serve defense,... More

How a Comic Book Production Team Saves Time and Sparks Creativity (Bluescape Blog)

Finding and sharing assets buried across multiple devices can slow down production time; even worse, if a file wasn't labeled correctly 25 years ago, it might as well be extinct. S... More

Top Stock Photography Trends You’ll Love (Bluescape Blog)

Choosing the right stock photo imagery for your content can be a lot harder than expected. This is why we’ve rounded up some rising trends based on a recent report by Adobe that ... More

Make Your DAM More Delightful With This Integration (Bluescape Blog)

If you’re in a creative role, you know that the more assets you have to work with, the better. But only if you know where to find them.... More

Bluescape and Jazz Solutions Add Virtual Workspace Solutions to Automation and Optimization Offerings

Bluescape has partnered with Jazz Solutions to enhance its offerings of customer-centric IT solutions for defense, intelligence, and federal civilian customers. JSL’s IT expertis... More

A Closer Look at Mood Boards and New Projects (Bluescape Blog)

It all starts with an idea and the ambition to bring it to life. Mood boards are a fun and imaginative way to define the overall vision of your creative projects.... More

Try Finding Iron Man’s Suit in Marvel’s Virtual Backlot (Bluescape Blog)

The Marvel universe is vast and ever-expanding, complete with a cast of characters as versatile as the galaxies. 30+ different titles have been released as part of the Marvel Cinem... More

Bluescape, SteerBridge Partner to Deliver Mission-Critical Solutions to DOD, Intelligence, Federal Civilian Agencies

Through the partnership, SteerBridge has the capacity to offer its mission-critical IT and professional services in combination with Bluescape’s virtual work platform, which give... More

Bluescape Brings FedRAMP Authorized Virtual Workspace to DOD, Intelligence and Federal Government Through Arrow Electronics

Bluescape announced an agreement with Arrow Electronics’ public sector business, immixGroup, to bring its Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized v... More

Bluescape: How to Create a Website Wireframe Without UX Skills

Marketing and communications teams are often asked to lead in the content development of websites and webpages. The layout for this content is called a storyboard or wireframe. Wha... More

Bluescape, NAIS to Bring FedRAMP Authorized Digital Workbench to DOD, Intelligence, Federal Civilian Agencies

Bluescape has partnered with Native American Industrial Solutions (NAIS) to deliver its virtual work platform to defense, intelligence, and federal civilian customers. The Bluescap... More

Bluescape Joins the Scaled Agile Partner Network as a Platform Partner

Bluescape recently achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization at the Moderate Impact Level, as well as a DISA IL-4+ authorization for Contro... More

Bluescape Achieves Full FedRAMP+ IL4 Mission Agility

Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. Often they are the result of collaboration, infused with the energy that comes from teams talking and working together. But getting a team on the ... More