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Study: Broadband Prices Have Dropped Over Past Half-Decade (Next TV)

Cost of highest speed plans have decreased over 40%.... More

Four in Five Households Switching to Super-Fast Broadband (RTN)

More than double the number of UK households are opting for super-fast broadband (more than 60mbps) since the start of the pandemic, according to new research.... More

Quarter of Consumers Willing to Pay More for Faster Broadband (Consultancy)

With the coronavirus having placed a heightened importance on internet speeds for people across the world, a new survey has found that a large portion of consumers would pay more f... More

Global Broadband Speeds Dropped During Lockdown (Verdict)

Broadband speeds around the world dropped during lockdown, a study has found. With the lockdown meaning many people have had to switch to remote working, while also relying on tech... More

House Passes Bills to Improve the FCC’s Broadband Maps (The Verge)

Lawmakers in Congress are getting serious about figuring out who has broadband and who doesn't to better target federal subsidies for rural broadband deployment. On Monday, the Hou... More

Technicolor’s Eric Rutter: Cable Providers Well Positioned to Leverage Demand for Broadband, Intelligent Services (MESA)

It is clear that we have entered a new phase in how operators - and over-the-top providers - engage with consumers, says Eric Rutter, President of North American Cable with Technic... More

Technicolor Execs Discuss Ultra-Broadband, DOCSIS 3.1 Adoption Trends

Demand is heating up for a wide array of content services in emerging economies around the world. This is driving network service providers (NSPs) to offer customers a next-generat... More

Study: Digital Divide is Wider Than We Think (NY Times)

A new study by Microsoft researchers casts a light on the actual use of high-speed internet across the country, and the picture it presents is very different from the F.C.C. number... More

UK Commits to Full Fiber Broadband by 2033 (Engadget)

Earlier this year, the UK hit its goal of broadband speeds of over 24 Mbps for 95 percent of users. Now, the country has a new goal. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sp... More

Study: 20% of U.S. Broadband Homes Use Antenna for TV (MCN)

In findings that highlight the growing cord-cutting trend, Parks Associates said that about 20% of U.S. broadband homes used digital, over-the-air antennas to access live TV near t... More

Report: U.S. Broadband Sub Adds Slow to 2.1M in 2017 (MCN)

With the pace of broadband subscribers slowing, the top 14 U.S. cable operators and telcos, representing 95% of the market, acquired about 2.1 million net high-speed internet custo... More

Broadband Isn’t What it Used to Be (Light Reading)

The very definition of consumer broadband service is evolving, and not just because the FCC is reconsidering its speed threshold for when Internet access legally becomes broadband ... More

Mobile Broadband Subscriptions are Projected to Double in Five Years (Recode)

Mobile broadband subscriptions — which include subscriptions for smartphones as well as tablets and other devices — grew 25 percent year over year, according to a new report. B... More

Cisco Launches ‘Infinite Broadband’ for Cable Access Networks

Today’s cable hybrid fiber coax (HFC) plant has grown from primarily a residential video network to a wireline aggregation network for all types of access markets, including smal... More

World’s First 96 MHz Symmetrical Full Duplex Broadband Capacity

By John Chapman, Cisco Fellow, CTO, Cable Access, Cisco - It occurred to me recently that it was in 1997 that the first DOCSIS-based cable modems first entered the market in a ... More

Obama Administration Gets Earful on Broadband Research (MCN)

The Obama Administration is getting plenty of input on what information it should be collecting to help guide its mission of promoting universal broadband deployment, adoption and ... More

CenturyLink, Frontier Lead New Special Access Coalition Targeting BDS Proposal (FierceTelecom)

CenturyLink, Frontier Communications and a group of service providers have formed the "Invest in Broadband for America" coalition as the latest effort to encourage FCC to reconside... More

Fastweb Launches Service With New Ultra-Broadband Technology From Technicolor (MESA)

Technicolor is now a key technology partner in Fastweb’s announcement of their new FASTGATE gateway service. Fastweb is an alternative fixed-line provider in Italy, and their new... More

The Need for Gigabit Broadband Speeds (Videonet)

We are about to enter a new era in entertainment and communications thanks to Gigabit speed broadband. While the smart home and IoT will spawn innovative services and applications ... More