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Virtual Pay-TV is Here to Stay (OTT2)

Discovery CEO David Zaslav spilled the beans on virtual pay-TV subscriber numbers: both PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now are approaching half a million subscribers. Dish Network’s... More

Apple Wants to Sell HBO, Showtime, Starz in a Single Bundle (Recode)

Apple isn’t done trying to sell you pay TV. Here’s the company’s latest proposal: It wants to sell consumers a premium TV bundle, which combines HBO, Showtime and Starz. A... More

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle (MCN)

Consumers want a la carte pricing for pay TV networks, but the number of channels they are willing to shell out for is relatively low, according to a recent study. The survey asked... More

Don’t Look Now, but the Great Unbundling Has Spun Into Reverse (NYT)

Over the last two decades, consumers have felt liberated as traditional bundles unraveled — from music to media to retail. For instance, Craigslist and myriad other digital start... More

What Does the Next-Generation TV Bundle Look Like? (The Drum)

We know an awful lot about Netflix customers and what makes them tick. Many things will come as no surprise. They are younger than average, more device savvy, better connected, and... More

‘Skinny’ Bundles: The Awkward Adolescence of Online Video (TechHive)

The round-the-clock channel seems equally obsolete. Sure, there’s some appeal in being able to start watching TV with minimal decision making, but why does that require you to ju... More

Why Fat Is the New Skinny (TV Bundle) (Hollywood Reporter)

The new television, the Achilles' heel of television, the canny play by which digital takes over television, is the so-called "skinny bundle." Over-the-top competitors are forcing ... More