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What is a Chief Digital Officer? A Digital Strategist and Evangelist in Chief (CIO)

Of all the new tech-related CXO titles, chief digital officer may the most loosely defined. At many companies, the chief digital officer is a customer-facing role that signals a co... More

The Evolving Role of the Chief Digital Officer (CIO)

With many organizations now three to five years into their digital transformation strategies, the role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has been rapidly evolving and maturing alo... More

PwC: 19% of world’s top 2,500 companies have CDOs (HR Dive)

The study dispels any myths that digital leaders are a short-lived fad. While leading their organization's digital strategies, CDOs figure out how to make new technologies compatib... More

How to Partner with the Chief Digital Officer to Drive Digital Transformation (CIO)

Whenever a business embarks on a strategic, multi-year business transformation program there is a strong likelihood of debate in the C-suite on overall leadership responsibilities.... More