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Spend on Cloud IT Infrastructure Will Scrape $70B This Year (Tech HQ)

Computing power that was once inordinately expensive, reserved for niche applications, is now accessible with the company credit card.... More

Box Execs: Company Sees Multiple Opportunities for Growth

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Box Introduces ‘Hollywood Cloud Chronicles’ Series

Jade McQueen, managing director of media and entertainment for Box, knows better than most just how important it is for creative and IT to be on the same page. The problem is that ... More

80% of IT Pros Say Users Set Up Unapproved Cloud Services (Dark Reading)

A conflict of interest is driving the rise of shadow IT among organizations. Tech pros are responsible for controlling and safeguarding data; employees want to accomplish tasks as... More

Cloud IT Infrastructure Spending To Hit 37% In 2016 (InformationWeek)

Total spending on computing products for deployment in both private cloud and public cloud will amount to $37.4 billion this year, according to IDC. That's a further increase of .7... More