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Code42 Incydr Now Detects Risky Data Movement to Unmonitored Devices – Like Personal Phones, Laptops

By identifying when a file moves to an unmonitored device, Incydr alerts security teams to blindspots, with the critical context – what type of information is being exposed, from... More

Code42 Incydr Detects Corporate Data Exfiltration Movement to Personal Google Drive, Box, Other Cloud Applications

Today, 91% of security leaders believe that users are exfiltrating data through personal cloud accounts, yet nearly half (49%) don’t have a tool to differentiate personal and cor... More

Code42 Incydr Delivers Innovative Detection of Browser Uploads to Combat Insider Risk

Code42 is introducing enhanced capabilities to the Code42 Incydr data risk detection and response product for identifying insider risk related to file uploads to unsanctioned websi... More