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6 Surprising Innovations for the Future of Computing (SAP Insights)

As silicon-based transistors become so tiny that they bump up against the laws of physics, manufacturing techniques can no longer keep up. That signals the upper limits of Moore’... More

IBM Just Unveiled the ‘World’s Smallest Computer’ (The Verge)

IBM is kicking off its IBM Think 2018 conference this week with “5 in 5,” a collection of IBM Research inventions and technologies “that could change our lives in the next fi... More

Cisco, Reliance JIO Continue Co-Innovation for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MESA)

Video will comprise 82% of all IP network traffic by 2021[1], as more people are watching on multiple screens. This presents unique challenges for mobile operators, including how t... More

IBM’s New Tech Could Make Computers 200 Times Faster (Futurism)

A team from IBM Research claims to have made a breakthrough in computational memory by successfully using one million phase change memory (PCM) devices to run an unsupervised machi... More

IBM Can Run an Experimental AI in Memory, Not on Processors (MIT Technology Review)

Don’t throw out your CPUs just yet, but there may be a new way to run your neural networks. In the regular world of computing—whether you’re running exotic deep learning a... More

In-Memory Computing: Where Fast Data Meets Big Data (ZDNet)

Traditionally, databases and big data software have been built mirroring the realities of hardware: memory is fast, transient and expensive, disk is slow, permanent and cheap. But ... More

5 Reasons Why China Will Rule Tech, 2017 Edition (Computerworld)

U.S. scientists -- including those at the National Security Agency -- believe China will soon lead the world in supercomputing. “National security requires the best computing ava... More

The Next Big Encryption Fight (MIT Tech Review)

How much power should the U.S. government have to compel technology companies to help it access their users' encrypted information? Last year’s dramatic showdown between the FBI ... More

Artificial Intelligence May Change the Face of Business (Techonomy)

AI is flourishing now because of the rise of ubiquitous computing, low-cost cloud services, near unlimited inexpensive storage, new algorithms, and other related technology innovat... More

The Next Wave of IT: Where Do We Go from Here? (ZDNet)

You're looking at a computing world that hides the computers. Yes, we'll have massive amounts of computational power in our pockets, and on our desks, but they'll only be a fractio... More

IBM Speaks on Why Cognitive is a Business Imperative (Forbes)

IBM’s journey toward cognitive computing is well documented in the media. Cognitive computing is loosely defined as a simulating of human thought processes in a computerized mode... More

Visibility, Security Top Concerns for Cloud Computing Adoption (CIO)

Enterprises considering adopting public clouds are concerned about where their data is located and how it's protected, according to a new survey by IDG. Companies will have about 6... More

Women in Computing to Decline to 22% by 2025, Study Warns (USA Today)

New research warns that at the rate we're going, the number of women in the computing workforce will decline to 22% from 24% by 2025 if nothing is done to encourage more of them to... More

A Chip-Scale Source for Quantum Random Number Generators (IEEE Spectrum)

Taking advantage of technology developed to manipulate light on chips, a team based in Spain and Italy has created an integrated circuit that can be used to generate true random ... More

Video PaaS Market Will Reach $1.7 Billion By 2020 (InformationWeek)

The video platform as a service (PaaS) market is forecast to grow from $60 million in 2016 to $1.7 billion in 2020, a 130% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), according to an Aug. ... More

HPE Launches Pre-Integrated Software Stack for High Performance Computing (ZDNet)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched a software defined platform and updated its servers to better target the high performance computing (HPC) market within the enterprise. The anno... More