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TiVo Finds Millennials Are Fickle Viewers (Light Reading)

TiVo released follow-up findings from its 2016 TiVo consumer survey, focusing on the behavior of U.S. millennials and how this coveted demographic interacts with video content, pro... More

How Many Content Options Do Viewers Use? (Nielsen)

For consumers, having content options is no longer a luxury, but an imperative. And so, too, are the multitude of devices that they use to engage with that content—be it a TV, ta... More

Why The Future of Digital Is About Aligning With Experiences (Adweek)

Online marketers are also using programmatic targeting tools to bring old-school TV and radio advertising into the digital age. For example, Spotify recently made its streaming mus... More

GfK: Most Consumers Don’t Buy Digital Downloads (Variety)

So much for digital dollars: A majority of consumers has never rented or bought a digital copy of a movie or TV show, according to a new GfK study. What’s more, the average digit... More

Study: TV Kicking Movies’, Books’ Butts (B&C)

A study on so-called peak TV and streaming reveals just how elevated a perch television is enjoying in pop culture. Fully 72% of respondents said they choose TV over movies these d... More

Beyond Gaming: Consumers Show New Kinds of Interest in Virtual Reality (CED)

Gaming usually is the first thing most people automatically think of when it comes to the promises of virtual reality. But consumers are actually showing VR interests far beyond ju... More

Viacom, AmEx Team To ‘Predictively’ Target Consumers Based On Actual Purchase Data (MediaPost)

Viacom has announced a first-of-its-kind deal with American Express that will integrate actual consumer purchasing data into a “predictive” targeting engine that advertisers an... More

How Brands Are Turning Analog Customer Experiences Into Digital Moments (Momentology)

Even as we move closer to a future with smart roads, cities, and theme parks, there are some customer experiences – like drive-throughs, in-store retail and buying a car – that... More

M&E Journal: Consumers: We Value Your Purchase

By Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA From M&E Journal Spring 2016 To convey this simple message to consumers, the industry must unite around interoperability I am usu... More