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Why Karate Combat is Risking it All on Crypto (Decrypt)

Fight league Karate Combat is built around the KARATE token, letting fans bet on real matches with a "no-loss" format.... More

Amazon Web Services Deal With WAX Aims to Simplify Crypto Game Deployment (Decrypt)

The collaboration will allow developers to more easily deploy WAX nodes and integrate Web3 functionality into their applications with just a few clicks through the AWS console.... More

What it’s Like in Europe’s Popular Crypto Haven Portugal as the US Cracks Down (CNBC)

Quality of life, bitcoin-friendly tax laws and a huge influx of expats have made Lisbon one of the crypto capitals of the world.... More

Why ‘Crypto Families’ are Flocking to Portugal (Sifted)

The number of crypto investors and entrepreneurs flocking to the Iberian country has skyrocketed since last summer. Why?... More

Europe’s Crypto Capital Might Not be Where You Expect (Sifted)

The tiny Swiss town of Zug is the perhaps unlikely home to Europe’s “crypto valley”: almost 1,000 crypto start-ups are based in Switzerland, and half of them are in Zug. But ... More

Blockchain Metaverse Ecosystems Gain Traction as Brands Create Digital Experiences (The Street)

To understand how and why brands are leveraging the Metaverse, it’s key to point out the role that NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, play within these ecosystems. While the year 2021 ... More

Spain to Impose Restrictions on Crypto Promotions (CoinDesk)

Starting in a month, influencers and their sponsors will be required to notify authorities in advance of posts promoting crypto and to warn of its risks.... More

Why the Media Should Care About Crypto (Media Post)

I subscribe to the notion that crypto will usher in a next phase of enormous technological disruption and advancement in society and business that will eclipse what we have seen fr... More

‘Fantasy Hollywood’ — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters (Future)

Today, crypto technologies like decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enable a new model of character development and ownership that could no... More

As Cryptocurrencies Surge, so Do the Scams (Racontuer)

Investment scams involving digital assets like bitcoin have skyrocketed in recent months. However, authorities are striking back with some success.... More

The War for Crypto Talent (Raconteur)

From start-ups to major organisations, the prospects for crypto talent have never been so good.... More