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Cyberhaven: How to Protect Sensitive Data With Context and Perfect Recall

There are pros and cons to legacy data loss prevention (DLP) technologies that are used to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, and there are several reasons why Cyber... More

Cyberhaven Talks Pros, Cons of DLP at Dec. 8 CPS

At the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit Jared Thorkelson, data protection SME for Cyberhaven, will pose an important question: are legacy data loss prevention (DLP) technol... More

Cyberhaven: Why Dynamic Data Tracing is More Effective Than DLP

Media and entertainment companies are increasingly turning away from legacy data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property, and t... More

Cyberhaven Goes Beyond DLP in Dec. 1 Webinar

Data loss prevention (DLP) has its pros and cons when it comes to developing a good strategy for protecting your company's sensitive data and intellectual property in today’s clo... More

M&E Day: Protecting Content From Insider Threats is Crucial, Cyberhaven Exec Says

Insider threats continue to present a significant challenge for companies and, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for media and entertainment organi... More

Cyberhaven Honored for Data Protection Work (CDSA)

Cyberhaven was named a 2020 Fortress Cyber Security Award winner in the Data Protection category. The company also unveiled new continuous monitoring and real-time discovery capabi... More

Cyberhaven’s Roark: With Creative Collaboration Comes ‘Chaos’

Mary Roark, VP of marketing Cyberhaven, sees a lot of industries all dealing with the same worries and issues when it comes to insider threats risking exposure to intellectual prop... More

Cyberhaven: Protect Data by Analyzing It

You could say the cybersecurity firm Cyberhaven came about by happy accident: in 2015, a team of security researchers entered a DARPA cyber competition, and came out of it realizin... More

Cyberhaven Survey: Lack of Awareness, Cloud App Usage, Remote Workers Create Perfect Storm for Insider Attacks (CDSA)

According to a new survey from Cyberhaven, 51% of organizations lack sufficient data protection strategies to detect and prevent insider threats. As employees shift to remote work,... More

A CISO’s Perspective on Implementing a Safety Net for Data in Times of Crisis (Cyberhaven Blog)

Remote work poses more challenges and more risk for sensitive data. Employees are more likely to resort to shadow IT to share sensitive data, such as copying sensitive information ... More