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OTT Video Service hayu Taps AWS for Personalization, Data Analysis

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What is the Difference Between Data Analysis and Data Visualization? (Forbes)

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M&E Journal: The Value of Analyzing Data as a Performance Tool and Service Offering

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Mysteries About Beatles Songs Solved with Help from Data Analysis (Forbes)

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M&E Journal: Under the Hood of the Trusted Partner Network

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Netflix’s Data-Driven Strategy Strengthens Lead for ‘Best Original Content’ in 2018 (Forbes)

In contrast to the traditionally fragmented market prevalent in creative industries, Netflix has created its own ecosystem. It licenses content, distributes that content, owns the ... More

As IBM Ramps Up Its AI-Powered Advertising, Can Watson Crack the Code of Digital Marketing? (Adweek)

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Warner Bros Ups Richards to EVP Worldwide Marketing, Chief Data Strategist (Deadline)

Warner Bros Pictures has promoted JP Richards to EVP Worldwide Marketing and Chief Data Strategist, where he joins the exec marketing team at the studio led by Sue Kroll, President... More

M&E Journal: Building a Data-Based Team: Quick Wins and Avoidable Speed Bumps

By By Alex Akers, Kurt Stuve, and Jason Ott, Senior Consultants, Cognizant Business Consulting - The avalanche of data generated by consumers annually does not seem to show any... More