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How Data Discovery, Zero Trust Can Help Defend Against a Data Breach (Security Intelligence)

As more companies start to use the cloud, the threat of a data breach and the rules and fines that go with it has only grown. Therefore, companies and agencies need to anticipate a... More

AWS Announces Major Enhancements to Amazon Macie (SCN)

Amazon Web Services announced a series of major enhancements to Amazon Macie, delivering important new features, greater availability worldwide, and substantially reduced pricing. ... More

New SAP Data Hub Accelerates Trusted Data Discovery (SCN)

SAP announced the latest release of SAP Data Hub, which helps build agile, data-driven pipeline applications that tap a single, logical data set representing an entire enterprise. ... More

DimensionalMechanics Forms Strategic AI Alliance with GrayMeta (MESA)

DimensionalMechanics, a developer of foundational artificial intelligence (AI) technology and deep learning engineering, has introduced NeoPulse AI Studio, an intuitive set of app... More

There Is No Such Thing as Private Data (The Atlantic)

Just a few years after social media began to permeate students’ high-school experiences, the terrifying rumors began to spread: a liberal arts college that rescinded an admission... More

QlikView: Studios Gain Marketing Insights With ‘Data Discovery’

By Larry Jaffee All companies need key performance indicator (KPI) analytics to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. New MESA member QlikView provides a business intelligen... More