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Databricks’ New Open Source LLM (Forbes)

Databricks says its mission is to deliver data intelligence to every enterprise by allowing organizations to understand and use their unique data to build their own AI systems. Cen... More

Salesforce’s Benioff Talks Importance of Data Intelligence (IW)

Visit to New York City reveals why he is prioritizing bringing data lakes and data clouds to operate within the company’s CRM platform.... More

SAP Acquires SwoopTalent Intellectual Property to Boost Talent Data Intelligence

Embedding SwoopTalent’s data and machine learning technology across SAP SuccessFactors solutions will further SAP’s vision of human experience management (HXM), which prioritiz... More

Alibaba Cloud Joins CDSA Technology Committee

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has announced its latest elected membership to the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) Technology Commi... More

Data Intelligence Not as Security, but as Accountability (CPO)

The information economy has grown rapidly over the past decade—and for a while, with seemingly few controls. However, in recent years, organizations have been confronted with the... More

Artificial Intelligence Without Data Intelligence is Artificial (Digitalist)

Have you ever watched a robot vacuum cleaner at work? It starts off amusing and becomes progressively more irritating as you watch it miss the one patch of dirt you want it to clea... More

Data Intelligence: Is Edge Analytics the Savior of IoT? (IA)

As it stands, the existing IoT model isn’t working. The concept of transferring vast amounts data that’s collected from an army of sensors to a central repository is neither su... More