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Salesforce Co-CEO: There are Three Pillars of Digital Transformation (Yahoo)

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EY CEO: Jobs are Out There and Companies are Hiring (Yahoo)

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SAP’s New Marketing Chief is Going to Davos for the First Time – Here’s Why (CNBC)

Alicia Tillman has been CMO at SAP for just over a year and this week she will attend the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for the first time. But what place do marketers have... More

Davos Highlights AI’s Massive PR Problem (Forbes)

Aside from the occasional assembly line worker getting too close to the machinery, killer robots aren’t in the cards for AI in the near term. However, the economic impact that dr... More

PwC: CEO Confidence Rises Despite New Risks, Uncertainty (MESA)

While CEOs around the world feel they have plenty to worry about in the year ahead, their confidence in their own growth prospects and their outlook for the global economy are back... More