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VR Headsets Pass 1 Million Shipments for the First Time in a Single Quarter (VentureBeat)

While the debate about whether virtual reality is just some oversold hype rages on, the nascent industry can at least boast of having crossed an important milestone. According t... More

Two-Factor Authentication is a Mess (The Verge)

For years, two-factor authentication has been the most important advice in personal cybersecurity — one that consumer tech companies were surprisingly slow to recognize. The move... More

Mobile Has Become Almost a Multi-Trillion Dollar Market (ARC)

The mobile market is massive. A report from research firm IDC said global mobility revenues will grow from $1.5 trillion in 2016 to over $1.7 trillion by 2020. This increase equate... More

Connected Device Screen Time Exceeds TV Viewing Time (nScreenMedia)

Reaching the viewer is becoming difficult for TV advertisers. Consumers are increasingly splitting their screen time among many different devices and activities. Little wonder TV a... More

Be Prepared: We’re Entering A Post-Device Era (FastCompany)

The future of computing seems to be about a set of platform and device-independent services. Specifically, voice-based interactions, driven by large installations of cloud-based se... More