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M&E Journal: The Rights and Metadata Agility Imperative

By Ross French, Senior Director, and Alex Akers, Manager, Consulting, KlarisIP - Sam leads the sales team for a media content company — a well-oiled machine that has been maki... More

MovieLabs on the Importance of EIDR to the Future Media Supply Chain

Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) global unique identifier system, which plays an important and relevant role in the future m... More

M&E Journal: Upping the Monetization Game During Live Sports Broadcasts

By Mike Arthur, SVP, Sports, Live Events Content Licensing, Wazee Digital, a Veritone Company - For years, sports properties and rights holders— such as golf, football, tenni... More

M&E Journal: Digital Screeners: Walking the Security-Playback Tightrope

By Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer, MediaSilo - With piracy an ever-growing problem and high-profile hacks affecting multiple networks and streaming services, security is t... More

A Different Way of Doing Things (ZOO Digital Blog)

So last week ZOO was named a top ten technology innovator of 2016 alongside the likes of Amazon and Apple. This caught the eye of the BBC who dropped in to find out more about how ... More

Letting it Go: The End of Windowing (and What Comes Next) (REDEF)

There are few concepts more fundamental to the video media business than that of content "windowing" – yet even this strategy is crumbling under the pressures of digital distribu... More

Has Entertainment Failed Brian Dunn and Best Buy?

by Marty Porter Hollywood could have done a lot more to help keep Brian Dunn his job. You don't need to be reading this newsletter to find out that the Best Buy CEO was shown the d... More

Cinram Taps Warner Exec For Digital Operations

Packaged media distributor Cinram International continues to expand its digital operations with the hiring of studio veteran John Crosier as senior VP of digital architecture and d... More

Level 3 Calls Out Comcast Over Streaming Video Fees

A dispute between Level 3 Communications and Comcast over content delivery fees may prove to be less about net neutrality principles and more about securing leverage and position i... More

iTunes Finally ‘Compleat’

As it turns out, Apple didn’t have much of a surprise in store for those who closely watch the digital space — but it’s good news nevertheless. At long last, the Beatles hav... More

Why Your CFO Is So Cranky: The Digital Sales Data Problem

By John Konczal Digital distribution and sales models are top of mind for almost everyone in the media business. While I believe the potential for new business models enabled by d... More

Hackers Claim To Have Purloined Pre-Release Digital Copy of ‘Halo: Reach’

Microsoft’s decision to distribute review copies of its hotly anticipated “Halo: Reach” as secure downloads via the Xbox Live Marketplace appears to have had unintended conse... More

Digital Distribution Edges Blu-ray In First Half

Digital distribution platforms for home entertainment (including video-on-demand) outpaced Blu-ray Disc in consumer spending during the first half of 2010, passing the $1 billion m... More

Testronic To Launch Quality Assurance Lab For Digital Content

Testronic Laboratories plans to open a new Digital Entertainment Test Lab to provide quality assurance services for a range of digital entertainment platforms, including web portal... More

Wal-Mart And Vudu: Movie Streaming Service Ranks High In Studios’ New Distribution Heirarchy

Wal-Mart is getting back into the digital entertainment distribution business with its planned acquisition of the Vudu movie download and streaming service. The deal, which is expe... More

Netflix Plans Streaming To Wii Consoles Via Disc

Netflix plans to offer movie and TV show streaming services to subscribers via Wii videogame consoles this spring, in a new deal that could bring digital video distribution to mill... More

‘DECE’ Consortium Unveils Digital Entertainment Standard

The major studios, technology providers, and other companies comprising the 48-member Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) together announced on Jan. 4 an open “common ... More

Steam’s ‘Call of Duty’ Exclusive Draws Fire From Digital Game Retailers

Several digital videogame distributors are refusing to sell Activision’s hotly-anticipated “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” this week, in a conflict-of-interest battle with ... More