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Digital Minister: Spain Looking to Become Leader in AI (Euronews)

Spain is "lagging behind" when it comes to the general population's digital skills, especially women, the country’s Secretary of State for Digitalisation and AI told Euronews Nex... More

Will the UK Skills Bill Help Bridge the Digital Knowledge Gap? (TM)

Announcements in the Queen's speech on skills have been welcomed, but may do little more than replicate existing schemes.... More

Microsoft Launches Digital Skills Programme in UK Schools (The Record)

Microsoft has launched a new digital skills programme in UK schools, called Explore the Digital Future. The initiative aims to prepare students for the modern workplace by introduc... More

Digital Skills Such as Analytics are the Most In-Demand (IT Pro Portal)

We're not looking at a talent war, we're looking at a talent famine, Infosys CEO claims.... More

Infosys to Roll Out Incentive Plan for Staff With Digital Skills (Economic Times)

Infosys will roll out an incentive scheme this year for employees equipped with digital skills and will aggressively re-deploy staff on projects offering opportunities to work on n... More

AWS: Closing the Digital Skills Gaps and How to ‘Experiment Wildly’ in the Cloud (Verdict)

There are a lot of concerns about AI in particular, and technological developments in general, forcing people out of their jobs, but there is another voice that says jobs are being... More

Google, Microsoft, IBM Join the Institute of Coding’s Industry Advisory Board (IT Pro)

The Institute of Coding has appointed an advisory board comprising senior executives from the UK's largest organisations, and small business representatives. Executives from Google... More

Upskilling, Reskilling and Other Creative Ways to Close the Digital Skills Gap (Digitally Cognizant Blog)

A record 6.6 million jobs are going unfilled in the U.S. today, due in part to a skills shortage. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 3.8%, the lowest it’s been in... More