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DigitalFilm Tree Helped Enhance, Reconstruct Prince’s Latest Archival Concert Film

LA-based post-production house DigitalFilm Tree announced its role in the release of Prince and The Revolution: Live, a hi-def Blu-ray restoration of a March 30, 1985 Prince concer... More

M&E Journal: From Limitation to Innovation

While the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the media and entertainment industry in ways that will likely take years to fully grasp and process, one of the most immediate effects of thi... More

DigitalFilm Tree and [email protected] Dig Deep Into Virtual Production

When the Entertainment Technology Centre at the University of Southern California ([email protected]) set out to produce Ripple Effect, an R&D short film testing virtual and remote produ... More

How Technology is Helping the M&E Industry Resume Production Safely

As the media and entertainment industry continues to move forward cautiously with the resumption of production, revolutionary solutions in virtualizing environments for both onscre... More

DFT Keeps Content Moving, Secure With Signiant

Signiant's Media Shuttle has been a key piece of DFT's evolution.... More

DigitalFilm Tree Achieves Breakthrough Storytelling With Excelero’s NVMesh

DigitalFilm Tree has empowered its creatives through better storage by using Excelero’s NVMesh software as the centerpiece of a new storage architecture. (more…)... More

Pandemic Has Complicated M&E Security Needs: DigitalFilm Tree

The huge global shift to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have complicated the security needs of media and entertainment companies, and made it crucial for them to ... More

M&E Journal: What Now? What Next?

On July 23, DigitalFilm Tree CEO Ramy Katrib will speak at the free webinar “Secure Post in the Age of COVID – Guarding Your Media From Hackers.” By Nancy Jundi, COO, Digi... More

DigitalFilm Tree: Remote Work Has ‘Emboldened’ Hackers

Working remotely with sensitive content assets used to be a rare luxury for creative professionals. Today it’s a necessity. And yet while the global pandemic seen the M&E ind... More

DigitalFilm Tree: Democratizing Tech and Information to Empower Storytellers

Since its entry on the scene in 1999, the mission of Hollywood, Calif.-based post-production, software and process consulting company DigitalFilm Tree has remained the same: To “... More

We are Open – Working From Home (DigitalFilm Tree Blog)

As it is for many teams around the globe, most of DigitalFilm Tree is now working from home!... More