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Intertrust Teams with Adobe for Multiscreen DRM (Rapid TV News)

Distributed computing firm Intertrust has announced a partnership with Adobe to provide cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) services for the latter’s Primetime media plat... More

Major Piracy Group Warns Games May Be Crack-Proof in Two Years (Ars Technica)

In the never-ending battle between pirates and game makers, it often seems like the pirates have the upper hand, releasing DRM-breaking cracks within hours or days of a game's offi... More

Librarian of Congress grants limited DRM-breaking rights for cars, games, phones, tablets, and Remixers (Boing Boing)

Every three years, the Librarian of Congress allows the public to request exemptions to a law that makes it a felony to break a digital lock, even on on a device that you own, and ... More

JPEG Images May One Day Have DRM Copy Protection (SlashGear)

It's not time to panic just yet, but there could one day be a fundamental change to the JPEG image format that would have a significant impact on the way we view and use images on ... More

Has Digital Radio Missed its Prime? (Radio World)

Has it taken too long for digital radio to take root? Perhaps. Or maybe digital radio was born ahead of its time, when not all things were digital. And while the benefits of digita... More

iCloud Music Library adds DRM without Buying You Dinner First (Cult of Mac)

Well iCloud Music Library is pissing people off already. The new service almost identical to iTunes Match has a DRM problem. Turned on, iCloud Music Library is taking the music you... More