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Google, T-Mobile Execs Mull the State of Viewer Expectations

NEW YORK — Now that TV audiences are no longer stuck on their couches to watch television shows and can instead watch video content wherever they want, whenever they want and on ... More

M&E Journal: DVR in the OTT World: A Case for Updated Storage Requirements

By Jason Friedlander, Director, Marketing Communications, Verizon Digital Media Services - Thanks to the Supreme Court’s refusal in 2009 to hear the Cablevision remote DVR ca... More

TiVo Brings the Ultimate Entertainment Experience to Cable Onda Subscribers in Panama (SSN)

TiVo today announced that Cable Onda, a leading television service provider in Panama and long-time TiVo partner, has agreed to expand its offerings and will soon offer its custome... More

M&E Journal: Network DVR: The Better Alternative To Cord-Cutting And OTT

By Eric Hybertson, Evolution Digital - Network DVR (nDVR) is the latest evolution in recording TV shows for time-shifted viewing. Recordable VHS tapes and VCRs gave way to stan... More

U.S. TV Homes with Netflix Pass Those with DVRs: Study (MCN)

Amplifying the new ways consumers get their video fix, a new study from Leichtman Research Group found that 82% of U.S. TV homes have a DVR, get Netflix, or use VOD from a cable or... More

Sports Aren’t ‘DVR-Proof’ – Survey (MCN)

The vast majority of pay TV subs with DVRs – about 84.3% -- use them to record sports, a clear indication that live sports are not “DVR-proof,” a new survey from Thuuz Sports... More

Network DVR: The Better Alternative to Cord Cutting and OTT (Evolution Digital Blog)

Network DVR (nDVR) is the latest evolution in recording TV shows for time-shifted viewing. Recordable VHS tapes and VCRs gave way to stand alone DVRs, such as TiVo, as well as set-... More

TiVo Readying ‘Mavrik’ Cloud DVR – Report (Variety)

TiVo is getting ready to launch new hardware that marks a radical departure from its existing digital video recorders (DVRs), according to multiple reports from Zatz Not Funny and ... More

Who’s Responsible When Your DVR Launches a Cyberattack? (The Atlantic)

Earlier this month, millions of connected devices—webcams, routers, DVRs—banded together to attack a fundamental cornerstone of the internet’s infrastructure. It happened su... More

How Hard is it to Hack the Average DVR? Sadly, Not Hard at All (ARS Technica)

A major battle is underway for control over hundreds of millions of network-connected digital video recorders, cameras, and other so-called Internet of Things devices. As Ars has c... More

Netflix and Its Ilk Don’t Play Second Fiddle to DVRs Anymore (CNET)

Paid streaming video services like Netflix are as prevalent in US homes as digital video recorders, TV-ratings giants Nielsen said Monday in a quarterly report. Subscription video-... More

Hybrid Cloud Drives Global Cloud DVR Market to Grow 30% to 2020 (Rapid TV News)

A study from Technavio has revealed a strongly growing cloud-based digital video recorder (DVR) market, propelled by increasing demand for hybrid cloud technology. The Global Cloud... More