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Impact of Adaptive Load Balancing on Production (Edgecast Blog)

At our CDN we continuously develop new and innovative ways to help our infrastructure maintain high performance and resilience during sudden increases in load. This often involves ... More

How FAST Channels are Reaching New Audiences (TVB)

Ariff Sidi, GM/chief product officer, Edgecast, takes a look at how FAST channels are helping broadcasters engage with audiences in new ways, as well as uncovering new revenue meth... More

Driving Digital Transformation With Functions@Edge (Edgecast Blog)

Easy access to reliable last-mile connectivity paired with ever-increasing internet speeds has enabled technology to create things beyond our imaginations. However, this impressive... More

Edgecast’s Ariff Sidi on Interactive Live-Streaming Experiences, Future of the Company (SVG)

When it comes to offering an end-to-end solution for digital-media companies, one of the more comprehensive vendors in the market today is Edgecast. At NAB 2022, SVG sat down with ... More

Limelight Acquires Yahoo’s EdgeCast CDN Service (DCD)

Limelight will rebrand as Edgio, with the combined company continuing to operate as Edgio following close in the second half of 2022. Edgecast offers Edge Computing, CDN, and strea... More

Edgecast Takes a Look at the Future of Live Streaming (SVG)

Edgecast has put together a new whitepaper about the future of live streaming, with an up-close look into betting, co-viewing, gamification, and the 'end of TV as we know it.'... More

Edgecast Explores Four Key Things to Look for in a FAST Partner (SVG)

The free ad-supported streaming TV market is rapidly expanding. With it expected to nearly double by 2023, now’s the time to add FAST to your content strategy to increase viewers... More

The Innovations Changing Live Sports Viewing (Broadcast Now)

Ariff Sidi of Edgecast lays out the essentials for enhancing post-pandemic live sports broadcasts.... More

Edgecast’s Technology Helps Discovery Plus Reach a Bigger Audience (TVB)

Discovery has employed scheduling and syndication capabilities from Edgecast in order to expand the reach of its streaming service, Discovery Plus. The broadcaster has used the tec... More