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Report: Spoofing, Spear Phishing Dominate BEC Attacks (CD)

Business email compromise attacks are dogging the enterprise, with 71% of organizations saying they experienced a spoofed email account over the past year, according to a new study... More

Here’s How Many Hours American Workers Spend on Email Each Day (CNBC)

If you work in an office, email is likely an essential part of your job — and your life. When software company Adobe surveyed over 1,000 American workers for its annual email usa... More

Email Crime Now Top Cause for Cyber Insurance Claims (ITProPortal)

Companies are filing for more cyber-insurance claims than ever before as the number of threats targeting businesses continues to rise. According to a new report, claims related to ... More

Adobe Develops New Email Integration Features (MediaPost)

Adobe is working on several new cross-channel features in response to research showing that consumers want more relevant personalization. The services are powered by Adobe Campaign... More

Google Thinks the Future of the Web Is … Email (Fast Company)

When was the last time you were lost on your smartphone? Because for me, it was just this morning. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or email itself, I end up tapping something that ta... More

Why Email Security is Your Next Big Opportunity (IT Pro)

News headlines frequently tout the proliferation of email-based spam and malware. In 2014, two-thirds of all email traffic was spam. For mid-sized businesses, spam and viruses have... More

Adobe Survey: 40% of Consumers Want Emails from Brands to be Less Promotional, More Informative (Adweek)

Consumers are sick of hard-sell email messages that are not informative enough and irrelevant, but they’d still rather get email offers from brands compared to direct mail, mobil... More

Email in 2017: Harnessing the Power of Data and Creativity (DMB)

In today’s age of the Experience Business, the brands that will be successful are focused on anticipating customers’ needs with personalized experiences and constantly raising ... More

Report: Yahoo’s CISO Resigned Over Secret Email Search Tool (ARS Technica)

According to a new report by Reuters citing anonymous former employees, in 2015, Yahoo covertly built a secret “custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming... More

FinCEN Issues Advisory on Email Compromise Fraud (ABA)

With email compromise schemes — in which criminals fraudulently persuade individuals and companies to transfer funds — on the rise, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network i... More